Volume 11 #3, 2014

0. Editorial: Is Every TME issue special?, Bharath Sriraman (USA)

1. The Miracle of Applied Mathematics, Frank Blume (USA)

2. Generalizing Cantor-Schroeder-Bernstein:Counterexamples in Standard Settings, Tien Chih (USA)

3. Bhaskara’s approximation for the Sine, Karel Stroethoff(USA)

4. The development of Calculus in the Kerala School, Phoebe Webb (USA)

5. Development of the Binary Number System and the Foundations of Computer Science, Daniel R. Lande (USA)

6. Pursuing Coherence Among Proportionality, Linearity, and Similarity: Two Pathways From Preservice Teachers’ Geometric Representations, Hyung Sook Lee (USA) & Jaehoon Yim (Korea)

7. Difficulties in solving context-based PISA mathematics tasks: An analysis of students’ errors, Ariyadi Wijaya (Netherlands/Indonesia); Marja van den Heuvel-Panhuizen (Netherlands); Michiel Doorman(Netherlands); Alexander Robitzsch (Austria)

8. A study on Malaysian Mathematicians’ Way of Knowing, Lim Chap Sam (Malaysia)

9. Numerically Integrating Irregularly-spaced (x, y) Data, B. Cameron Reed (USA)

10. Math as a tool of Anti-Semitism, Jay Egenhoff (USA)

11. Reasoning-and-Proving Within Ireland’s Reform-Oriented National Syllabi, Jon Davis (USA)

12. An Examination of Pre-service Secondary Mathematics Teachers’ Conceptions of Angles, Melike Yilgit (Turkey)

Discussion Forum: The Common Core Standards
13. Common Sense about the Common Core, Alan H. Schoenfeld (USA)

14. Scholastic Standards in the United States – The Discussion concerning the ‘Common Core, Alan Schoenfeld & Guenter Toerner (Germany)

15. Book Review of The Tower of Hanoi: Myths and Maths (Birkhäuser), Cory Palmer (USA)