Volume 13 #1-2, 2016

Guest Editorial: Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching: Developing Measures and Measuring Development, Reidar Mosvold (Norway) & Mark Hoover (USA)

Making Progress on Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching, Mark Hoover (USA), Reidar Mosvold (Norway), Deborah L. Ball (USA), & Yvonne Lai (USA)

What Does it Take to Develop Assessments of Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching? Unpacking the Mathematical Work of Teaching, Sarah Kate Selling (USA), Nicole Garcia (USA), & Deborah L. Ball (USA)

Assessing Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching: The Role of Teaching Context, Geoffrey Phelps (USA) & Heather Howell (USA)

Interview Prompts to Uncover Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching: Focus on Providing Written Feedback, Yeon Kim (South Korea)

Why Defining the Construct Matters: An Examination of Teacher Knowledge Using Different Lenses on One Assessment, Chandra H. Orrill (USA) & Allan S. Cohen (USA)

Knowledge for Equitable Mathematics Teaching: The Case of Latino ELLs in U.S. Schools, Aaron T. Wilson (USA)

In-service Teachers’ Reasoning about Scenarios of Teaching Mathematics to English Language Learners, Sultan Turkan (USA)

Teachers and their Educators – Views on Contents and their Development Needs in Mathematics Teacher Education, Mika Koponen (Finland), Mervi A. Asikainen (Finland), Antti Viholainen (Finland), & Pekka E.Hirvonen (Finland)

Use of Mathematical Tasks of Teaching and the Corresponding LMT Measures in the Malawi Context, Mercy Kazima (Malawi), Arne Jakobsen (Norway), & Dun N. Kasoka (Malawi)