Volume 13 #3, 2016

0. Editorial: Bharath Sriraman (USA)

1. The secret life of 1/n: A journey far beyond the decimal point, Christopher Lyons (USA)

2. The history of Algorithmic complexity, Audrey A. Nasar (USA)

3. Integral of radical trigonometric functions revisited, Natanael Karjanto (Korea) & Binur Yermukanova (Kazakhstan)

4. Mathematical Problem-Solving via Wallas’ Four Stages of Creativity: Implications for the Undergraduate Classroom, Milos Savic (USA)

5. Aesthetics in School Mathematics: A Potential Model and A Possible Lesson, Hartono Tjoe (USA)

6. Plato on the foundations of Modern Theorem Provers, Inês Hipolito (Portugal)

7. Meet the Authors