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Culture and Social Change

Transforming Society through the Power of Ideas

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A volume in the series: Advances in Cultural Psychology: Constructing Human Development. Editor(s): Jaan Valsiner, Clark University.

Published 2012

This book brings together social sciencists to create an interdisciplinary dialogue on the topic of social change as a cultural process. Culture is as much about novelty as it is about tradition, as much about change as it is about stability. This dynamic tension is analyzed in collective protests, intergroup dynamics, language, mass media, science, community participation, art, and social transitions to capitalism, among others contexts. These diverse cases illustrate a number of key factors that can propel, slow-down and retract social change. An emancipatory and integrative social science is developed in this book, which offers a new explanatory model of human behavior and thought under conditions of institutional and societal change.

Series Editor Preface: Semiotic Freedom for the Social Sciences: Inquiry in a New Key, Jaan Valsiner. Introduction: Changing Times, Changing Science, Brady Wagoner, Eric Jensen, and Julian Oldmeadow. PART I: COLLECTIVE ACTION IN CONTEXT. The Psychology of Collective Action: Crowds and Change, John Drury, Steve Reicher, and Clifford Scott. Commentary: Collectives May Protest, But How Do Authorities Respond? Flora Cornish. Change We Can Believe in: The Role of Social Identity, Cognitive Alternatives, and Leadership in Group Mobilization and Transformation, Stephen D. Reicher and S. Alexander Haslam. Commentary: Change Non-Westerners Can Believe In, Fathali Moghaddam, Zach Warren, and Rhea Vance-Cheng. PART II: COMMUNICATING CHANGE. Metaphor and Stories in Discourse About Personal and Social Change, David Ritchie. Commentary: The Earth, Olympus, and the Commuter Bus, Carlos Cornejo. Balancing Stability and Change: A Neo-Diffusionist Perspective on Cultural Dynamics of Socially Transformative Ideas, Yoshihisa Kashima, Boyka Bratanova, and Kim Peters. Commentary: The Meeting of Ideas: Diffusion, Dialogical Interaction, and Social Change, Brady Wagoner. Scientific Controversies and the Struggle for Symbolic Power, Eric Jensen. Commentary: The Struggle for Scientific Consensus: Communicating Climate Science around COP-15, Rick Holliman. PART III: SOCIETIES IN TRANSITION. Mediating Social Change in Authoritarian and Democratic States: Irony, Hybridity, and Corporate Censorship, Eric Jensen. Commentary: Subversively Funny: Critical Humor in Art, Lisa Taylor-Sayles. Assessing Social Change Through Social Capital: Local Leadership and Social-Political Change in Bolivia, Martin Mendoza. Commentary: Social Influence and Social Change: States and Strategies of Social Capital, Gordon Sammut, Eleni Andreouli and Mohammad Sartawi. Changing Fields, Changing Habitusus: The Field of Public Service in Post-Soviet Ukraine, Anastasia Ryabchuk. Commentary: Dependent Independence: A Mechanism for Conciliating Determinism and Freedom, Maaris Raudsepp. Conclusion: A Cyclical Model of Social Change, Brady Wagoner, Eric Jensen. About the Authors.

> Cultural Psychology
> Psychology

Arguing and knowing: A Developmental Approach (In Development)

Becoming Other: From Social Interaction to Self-Reflection

Otherness in Question: Development of the Self

Transitions: Symbolic Resources in Development

Semiotic Rotations: Modes of Meanings in Cultural Worlds

Discovering Cultural Psychology: A Profile and Selected Readings of Ernest E. Boesch

Trust and Distrust: Sociocultural perspectives

Innovating Genesis: Microgenesis and the Constructive Mind in Action

Rethinking Language, Mind, and World Dialogically

Relating to Environments: A New Look at Umwelt

Living in Poverty: Developmental Poetics of Cultural Realities

Methodological Thinking in Psychology: 60 Years Gone Astray?

Constructing Patriotism: Teaching History and Memories in Global Worlds

Apprentice in a Changing Trade

Cultural Psychology and Psychoanalysis: Pathways to Synthesis

Cultural Dynamics of Women's Lives

Researcher Race: Social Constructions in the Research Process

Cultural Psychology of Human Values

Dialogic Formations: Investigations into the Origins and Development of the Dialogical Self

Interplays Between Dialogical Learning and Dialogical Self

Cross-Cultural Psychology: Why Culture Matters

Crossing Boundaries: Intercontextual Dynamics Between Family And School

Lives And Relationships: Culture in Transitions Between Social Roles

Dialogical Approaches to Trust in Communication

Fooling Around: Creative Learning Pathways

Culture and Political Psychology: A Societal Perspective

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