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New Visions of Graduate Management Education

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A volume in the series: Research in Management Education and Development. Editor(s): Charles Wankel, Ph.D. Phd., St. John's University, New York.

Published 2006

This fifth volume in our book series on Research in Management Education and Development (Information Age Publishing) is devoted toward an empirical and conceptual examination of some long-standing criticisms of graduate management education. This volume also showcases a wide variety of innovative experiments in new visions of Master’s level graduate management education. We draw upon a rich array of USA and non-USA scholars and empirical sources in this volume and we are most grateful to our volume’s distinguished academic contributors for sustaining our book series aspiration to both reflect upon and shape innovative thinking and practice on important issues of management education and development.

The over-arching theme in each chapter is the need for each innovation to be integrated within the larger body of curriculum, program structures and pedagogic practices of the innovative Business School and its overall management education curriculum. Piecemeal and stand-alone versions of each innovation are seen more as pilots for early stage demonstration of the value of the innovation. Each chapter argues for a more holistic approach to embedding each innovation within the fabric of the entire business school and graduate management education enterprise. This call for holistic, integrative approaches to graduate management education is amply demonstrated in many chapters of this volume and we sincerely hope that you will find some inspiration in the forthcoming pages for furthering your own educational vision.

"Wankel and DeFillippi's book serves as an eloquent call for closer links between designers of MBA programs and researchers in the broader higher education context. ...while the focus of this volume is clearly on innovation in education for MBA students, its scope is such that it will be relevant to researchers and curriculum designers in other disciplines as well." ~ Terry Milnes, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Editorial Review Board. List of Contributors. Introduction: A Spectrum of Visions of Graduate Management Education, Robert DeFillippi and Charles Wankel. PART I: Research Evidence on Management Education Outcomes. Do MBA Programs Deliver? Edward J. Inderrieden, Brooks C. Holtom, and Robert J. Bies. Tracking Careers to Improve Competency-Based Management Education: A Longitudinal Study of Italian MBAs, Arnaldo Camuffo, Fabrizio Gerli, Francesca Chiara. When Graduates Enter the Workplace: Trade-Offs Between Formal and Dynamic Knowledge, Wim H. Gijselaers, Jos A.R. Arts, Henny P.A. Boshuizen, and M.S.R. Segers. PART II: Designs for Graduate Management Education. Bridging the Gap: A Model for Graduate Management Education, Stephen R. Ball. A Practice-Centered Approach to Management Education, Mark Fenton-O’Creevy, Peter Knight, Judith Margolis. International Masters Program in Practicing Management (IMPM): Pedagogy of Experienced Reflection and Phenomenon of Refraction in Management Learning, Tunç Medeni. Instilling the Leadership Development Mindset: Moving Beyond Concepts and Skills, Peter G. Dominick, John C. Byrne. PART III: Non-USA Centric Models of Graduate Management Education. Breaking the MBA Mould: Business Education for Innovators and Entrepreneurs, Howard Armitage, Rod B. McNaughton. Reverse Innovation in MBA Education: Local Actors as Catalysts for Change in Global MBA Provisions, Anne Herbert, Kari Lilja. PART IV: Partnerships in MBA Innovation. Using a Non-Profit Business Partner to Develop Business Management Skills for MBA Education, Hugh D. Sherman, Debora Crown Core, and Gary Coombs. AmCham-Based International Internships: A Cost-Effective Distance Field Learning Model for Improving MBA International Business Education, Charles M. Vance, Youngsun Paik. PART V: Potpourri of Innovative Contributions to Graduate Management Education. Hybrid Learning Nets: Applications to Executive Management Education, Owen P. Hall Jr. Taking Business Ethics Seriously: Best Practices in Teaching and Integrating Business Ethics within a Business Program, Denis Collins. Integrating Cultural Diversity in Graduate Management Education, Loykie Lomine.

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Educating Managers with Tomorrow's Technologies

Rethinking Management Education for the 21st Century

The Cutting Edge of International Management Education

University and Corporate Innovations in Lifelong Learning

Being and Becoming a Management Education Scholar

Management Education for Global Sustainability

Cutting-edge Social Media Approaches to Business Education: Teaching with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Second Life, and Blogs

Effectively Integrating Ethical Dimensions into Business Education

Engaging the Avatar: New Frontiers in Immersive Education

Social Entrepreneurship as a Catalyst for Social Change

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Emerging Web 3.0/Semantic Web Applications in Higher Education: Growing Personalization and Wider Interconnections in Learning (In Development)

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