Critical Storytelling During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Berea College Students Share their Experiences

Edited by:
Nicholas D. Hartlep, Berea College
Christopher V. Stuchell, Berea College
Nathaniel Elisha Whitt, Berea College
Brandon O. Hensley, Wayne State University

Published 2021

Berea College, founded in 1855 on the principles of socio-educational equality, is an institution devoted to giving voices to the oppressed. This book, Critical Storytelling during the COVID-19 Pandemic, is a tribute to giving students from a variety of backgrounds a voice for the displacement they felt during the raging spikes of the early pandemic period. Each student offers their take on the pandemic itself, how it affected their education, as well as how it displaced them. From stories of exile to those of triumph, this work is a heralding account of dozens of students’ experiences.

Preface, Nicholas D. Hartlep. The Sepulchre by the Sea, Christopher V. Stuchell. Tuesday, Zella Walden. The Concept of Nirvana, Dayton A. Nicholson. The Homemade Archipelago: A Quarantine Journal, Ian J. Williamson. COVID and College: A Memoir, Grant R. Suer. The Stress of Being Immuno-Suppressed, Alyssa P. Ferrell. A College Freshman’s Viewpoint of COVID-19, Dain S. Lewingdon. Fear and Loathing in My Bedroom: Social Responsibility, Anaïs R. Sommers. A Eulogy for Sunday, Miriam Styer. Now and Then: A Personal Perspective on the World Amidst COVID-19, Nathaniel Elisha Whitt. Plans, What Can You Do About Them? Abby K. Hansford. The Perfect Time to Have No Words, Alina L. Cooper. COVID-19 Experience: My First-Year of College, Jalon M. Sandlin. College 101, Hattie N. Killin. Fast Forward, Mary C. Holt. Silk, Shelby D. Mullins. Until Today, Shelby D. Mullins. How Conservatives Ignored Coronavirus, Samuel Garr. Mourning the Loss of Myself, Sophie N. Delaney. Conversations With Chamomile, Lola Bauer. The Loss by an Athlete, Abby N. Vires. Working From My Hometown, Rihs L. Stover. Life During Crisis, Tyler L. Boggs. The COVID-19 Pandemic: An Introvert’s Perspective, Lisa M. Messer. What a Time to Be Alive! Junior Gyamfi. Time Is Still, Ruth N. Ramos. The COVID-19 Pandemic: The Instability in the Burmese Community, Moses C. Lian. So Far, So Good, Nicholas C. Holt. Uncertain, Katelynn R. Mrusek. About the Editors and Authors. Index.