The Path of Handsome Lake

A Model of Recovery for Native People

Dr. Alf H. Walle, Erskine College

Published 2004

Dedication. Preface. PART I: A Theoretical And Empirical Grounding. Avoiding Counselor Bias: A Cultural Configurations Approach. History of Native Americans: A Relevant Overview. Alcoholism Among Native Americans. PART II: Alcoholism, Stress, And Native Americans. Diversity, Native Americans, and Recovery. Cultural Stress and Dysfunctional Behavior. Terror Management Theory, Cultural Disruption, and the Iroquois. PART III: Handsome Lake And The Iroquois As A Key To Recovery. Handsome Lake, Personal Recovery, and the Modern World. Handsome Lake and Model of Recovery. Landmarks of the Path. Strategies for Professional Therapy/Intervention. Strategies for Self-Help. Cultural Sensitivity and Alcoholism Therapy: A Conclusion. PART IV: Appendicies. A. The Path and the Landmarks in Poster Form. B. Suggestions for Sessions and Meetings.

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