Deconstructing Service-Learning

Research Exploring Context, Participation, and Impacts

Edited by:
Janet Eyler, Vanderbilt University
Shelley H. Billig, RMC Research Corp., Denver

A volume in the series: Advances in Service-Learning Research. Editor(s): Alan S. Tinkler, Missouri State University. Todd A. Price, National Louis University.

Published 2003

This work looks at service learning. It cover such topics as: challenges for service-learning research; enhancing theory-based research on service learning; dilemmas of service learning teachers; the diffusion of academic service learning in teacher education; and more.

Introduction, Janet Eyler and Shelley H. Billig. Part I: Challenges for Service-Learning Research. Enhancing Theory-Based Research on Service-Learning, Robert G. Bringle. Part II: The Influence of Context. The Missing Link: Exploring the Context of Learning in Service-Learning, Deborah Hecht. Dilemmas of Service-Learning Teachers, Katherine M. Kapustka. Part III: Institutionalization of Service-Learning. The Diffusion of Academic Service-Learning in Teacher Education: A Case Study Approach, Jane Callahan and Susan Root. The Sustaining Factors of Service-Learning at a National Leader School: A Case Study, Bruce J. Pontbriand. Part IV: The Role of Community in Service-Learning. Finding the Community in the Service-Learning Research: The 3-“I” Model, Melinda Clarke. Ethical Relationships in Service-Learning Partnerships, Marjorie A. Schaffer, Jenell Williams Paris, and Kristin Vogel. Part V: Impact of Service-Learning on Students. Using Written Protocols to Measure Service-Learning Outcomes, Pamela Steinke and Peggy Fitch. Service and Motivation to Serve: An Exploration and Model, Christine M. Stenson, Janet Eyler, and Dwight Giles. Service-Learning and Resilience in Disaffected Youth: A Research Study, Nancy Kraft and Jim Wheeler. Part VI: International Perspectives. Service-Learning Internationally: Developing a Global Civil Society, John Annette. Part VII: The State of the Field. The State of Service-Learning and Service-Learning Research, Shelley H. Billig and Janet Eyler.