Economic and Legal Foundations of Modern Russian Society

A New Institutional Theory

Edited by:
Elena G. Popkova, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics, Moscow, Russia

A volume in the series: Advances in Research on Russian Business and Management. Editor(s): Elena G. Popkova, RUDN University, Moscow.

Published 2017

Modern societies develop very quickly. However, along with rapid economic growth, comes risk to the economic system. That is why there is a need for study of the institutional base on which modern society is built to enable more effective management and better forecasting for further development.

Existing studies and publications on the economic and legal foundations of modern society do not take into account the institutional aspects of its development and thus do not fully reflect its sense and content. This book aims to fill this gap in scientific knowledge.

This book views the economic and legal foundations of modern society through the lens of a new institutional theory in relation to Russia. The author focuses on Russia – a unique economic system with a developing market, involved in the processes of international economic globalization and integration. The author analyzes actual problems and perspectives of the development of the modern Russian economy through the prism of a new institutional theory.

Institutional theory allows for determination and analyzing foundation of society functioning, and “rules of the game”. Without understanding the institutional foundations, consideration of applied issues of development of economy will be fragmentary, as it would be impossible to understand the logic of existing status quo and perspectives of its change in future. This book should fill this gap in modern scientific knowledge.

Conceptual Provisions of a New Institutional Theory, Anatasia A. Sozinova. Actual Problems of Market Transformation of the Modern Russian Economy, Natalia G. Vovchenko and Tatiana V. Epifanova. Economic and Legal Foundations of the Federative Structure of Modern Russia’s Economic System, Elena G. Popkova, Tatiana N. Litvinova, and Alexander S. Natsubidze. The Legal Forms of Economic Relations and Their Transformation in the Modern Economic Conditions: Part One: The Anti-Crisis Laws: Problems of Financing and Development in Modern Russia, Viktoria V. Bolgova. The Legal Forms of Economic Relations and Their Transformation in the Modern Economic Conditions: Part Two: Legal Foundations of Corporate Control over the Financial and Economic Activities of Commercial Organizations in the Modern Economic Conditions, Evgenia V. Medentseva. The Development of the Modern Russian Economy Under the Conditions of Crisis and Import Substitution, Viktoria A. Bondarenko and Natalia V. Demyanchenko. Russia in the Conditions of Economic Sanctions, Elena A. Kolesnichenko, Yana Y. Radyukova, and Nikolai N. Pakhomov. New Vectors of Growth and Development of Modern Russia’s Economy, Tatiana L. Bezrukova, Andrey S. Sviridov, and Alexander S. Natsubidze. A Future of Russia in the New Economic Conditions, Elena Y. Zolochevskaya and Svetlana A. Litvinova. Institutional Foundations of the Functioning of Modern Russian Judicial Power, Natalia V. Fedorenko.


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