Educating Adolescents

Challenges and Strategies

Edited by:
Tim Urdan, Santa Clara University
Frank Pajares, Emory University

A volume in the series: Adolescence and Education. Editor(s): Daniela K. DiGiacomo, University of Kentucky. Erica Van Steenis, University of California Irvine.

Published 2006

This volume of Adolescence and Education is devoted to an exploration of the challenges facing adolescents and their teachers as well as some of the strategies that have been adopted to address these challenges. Although it is true that most adolescents survive this period of development with few enduring academic or psychological problems, it is also true that a substantial proportion experience depression, bullying and violence in school, sexual harassment, and a widening gap between their personal and academic needs. Many of these problems emerge for the first time during adolescence.

Foreword, Tim Urdan and Frank Pajares. Risk Factors Related to Academic Achievement in Adolescence, Daniel J. Flannery and Kelly L. Wester. A elf-regulation Approach to Understanding Adolescent Depression in the School Context, Karen D. Rudolph. Abusive, Wanted, and Illegal Sexual Experiences in Adolescence, Nancy D. Kellogg. Ethnicity and Peer Harassment during Early Adolescence: Exploring the Psychological Benefits of Ethnic Diversity from an Attributional Perspective, Sandra Graham. Adolescent Victimization and Weapon Use on School Grounds: An Empirical Study from Israel, Ron Avi Astor, Rami Benbenishty, Heather A. Meyer, and Michelle Elena Rosemond. Looking at Adolescents through International Assessments, Gerald W. Bracey. Enrollment, Achievement, and Motivational Profiles of Immigrant and Native Adolescents, Tim Urdan and Deborah Garvey. The Schools-within-Schools Reform: A Viable Solution to the Problems of Large High Schools? Valerie E. Lee and Douglas D. Ready. Bridging Social and Academic Identities: Peer Relations, Friendship, and Educational Experiences, Donna Eder and Janice McCabe. The "Identity-Education" Link: Six Themes in an Educational Setting that Influence Adolescent Identity Development and Well-Being, Gerald R. Adams and Susan Palijan. Religion and the Educational Experiences of Adolescents, Geoffrey L. Ream and Ritch C. Savin-Williams. Index.

"In summary, this book offers a broad overview of challenging issues and strategies for educating adolescent students in the United States. The articles are firmly supported by research findings from large-scale surveys and assessments, which provide interested audiences objective evidence to understand general phenomena with respect to adolescent development within a post-industrial and multicultural context. Most importantly, it is readable even for those who are not familiar with statistical methods." " Jennifer Wen-Shya Lee University of Calgary