Educational Leadership and Organizational Management

Linking Theories to Practice

Victor X. Wang, Florida Atlantic University
Bernice Bain, Southern New Hampshire University
John Hope, University of Auckland
Catherine A. Hansman, Cleveland State University

Published 2016

This book is intended for students, leaders and managers who wish to explore the personal relevance and conceptual bases of educational leadership and organizational management and to develop their expertise in this field. It is a book written for both scholars and practitioners. The general public will also appreciate the accessible language in the book.

There are two goals in the experiential learning process. One is to learn the specifics of a particular subject matter, in this case, educational leadership and organizational management. The other is to learn about one’s own strengths and weaknesses as a learner. This book is focused on the analysis of prevalent theories and concepts and their application to the development of leadership and management skills, and the knowledge and attitudes required to solve real world problems in the workplace.

For decades, students have focused their studies of educational leadership and organizational management theories in classroom settings without actual opportunities to apply these theories in the workplace. A profound and significant lesson learned in history is that we must follow the principle of integrating theory with practice (unity of theory with practice). Then, we can follow the policy of walking on two legs, an analogy made by the late Chinese chairman, Mao Ze Dong.

Preface: Educational Leadership and Organizational. Management: Linking Theories to Practice, Victor C. X. Wang and Catherine A. Hansman. Foundations of Leadership and Management, Bernice Bain. Reflective and Ethical Leadership and Management, Catherine A. Hansman. Assessing Schools and Organizations, Catherine A. Hansman. Closing the Gaps Between Theories and Practices in Schools and Organizations, Victor C. X. Wang and Bernice Bain. Managing People in Educational Establishments and Organizations, Bernice Bain. Individual and Cultural Learning, Victor C. X. Wang and Bernice Bain. Workplace Ethics, Victor C. X. Wang. Communication in the Workplace, Catherine A. Hansman. Workplace Civility and Managing Conflict, Catherine A. Hansman. Cultural Norms and Problem Solving, John Hope. Andragogical Leadership and Management in the Workplace, Victor C. X. Wang and Bernice Bain. Decision‐Making Processes, John Hope. Managing Creativity and Innovation, John Hope. Educational Leadership: Instructional Leadership in Light of Ralph Tyler’s Model, Victor C. X. Wang. Leadership in the Digital Age, Victor C. X. Wang. Appropriate Use of Technology in Educational Leadership, John Hope. About the Contributors.

"Educational Leadership and Organizational Management is extremely useful for students and teachers who are engaged in leadership in education. Of course it is also an excellent study book for the managers themselves. The book almost exclusively provides examples and literature references from higher education, but I think the analyzes also prove valid for other types of education." Pim Breebaart in Th&ma Hogeronderwijs (Read full review)

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