European Entrepreneurship Research and Practice

A Multifaceted Effort Towards Integration of Different Perspectives

Edited by:
Massimiliano Pellegrini, University of Rome Tor Vergata
Luca Gnan, University of Rome Tor Vergata
Hans Lundberg, Universidad Iberoamericana
Matthias Raith, Otto-von-Guericke University
Lucrezia Songini, Eastern Piedmont University
Marzena Starnawska, University of Warsaw

A volume in the series: The Entrepreneurship SIG at European Academy of Management: New Horizons with strong Traditions. Editor(s): Massimiliano Pellegrini, University of Rome Tor Vergata. Luca Gnan, University of Rome Tor Vergata. Hans Lundberg, Universidad Iberoamericana. Matthias Raith, Otto-von-Guericke University. Lucrezia Songini, Eastern Piedmont University. Marzena Starnawska, University of Warsaw.

Published 2020

The tradition of European scholars on entrepreneurship has been consolidated during the last three decades and an increasingly distinct European school of thought has emerged as a consequence. This development provides as solid base for the future development of the field where Europe and its entrepreneurship scholars will play an increasingly prominent role in the development of the field.

The distinct focus of the book is key European features – ‘contexts matter’ – to promote and stimulate what ‘European’ might mean in any given context. The book valorizes different contexts and key strengths of the European perspective.

Reframing Challenges of Academic Authorities Based on Resource Mobilization for Entrepreneurial Opportunities, Ainurul Rosli and Jane Chang. An Explorative Study of Refugee Entrepreneurship and Start-up Consulting in German-Speaking Europe: A Resource-Based Perspective, Andrew Isaak. Relational Embeddedness and Arab Cultural Basic Values: A Contextualization Study of Entrepreneurial Networks, Massimiliano M. Pellegrini, Dina Saman, Ibrahim Rebhi-Tari, and Damiano Petrolo. Contextualizing Entrepreneurship: Perceptions of the Context of Entrepreneurship in Poland, Beata Glinka. The Succession Question and the Family Firm: A Theoretical, Conceptual, and Historical Reflection, Jan-Philipp Ahrens. Organizational Change in Family Firms: The Role of Interpretation and Emotions, Giulia Flamini and Damiano Petrolo. Habitual Entrepreneurship in the Family Business Context, Francesco Garraffo, Carmela Elita Schillaci, Melita Nicotra, and Marco Romano. About the Editors.