Family Formation Among Youth in Europe

Coping with Socio-Economic Disadvantages

Edited by:
Mirza Emirhafizovic, University of Sarajevo
Tali Heiman, The Open University of Israel
Marton Medgyesi, TARKI Social Research Institute
Catarina Pinheiro Mota, University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro
Smiljka Tomanovic, University of Belgrade
Sue Vella, University of Malta

A volume in the series: Perspectives on Human Development. Editor(s): Isabelle Albert, University of Luxembourg. Jaan Valsiner, Niels Bohr Professor of Cultural Psychology, Aalborg University. Koji Komatsu, Osaka Kyoiku University.

Published 2022

This book, which has been created in the framework of the EU-funded COST Action YOUNG-IN (CA17114), sheds a light on the structural disadvantages and opportunities in family formation among youth, offering an insight into the relevant contextual factors in eleven countries. Analyzing demographic trends and socioeconomic settings, including normative and institutional frameworks (that focus on family policies), the authors have identified and presented the peculiarities of the transition to parenthood, as well as common challenges that young people face in that process.


"Gathering rich and novel information from 11 European countries that have been so far neglected in family formation studies this volume is an enlightening reading for policy makers, social policy students and young people themselves." — Anu Toots, Tallinn University, Estonia and COST Action YOUNG-IN

"This book brings together scholars from all over Europe to provide an updated account of demographic change and family formation in Europe. The book is quite impressive both in its scope and depth, and should be an essential read for those interested in the demographic challenges that our countries are facing." — Johannes Bergh, Institute for Social Research, Oslo, Norway

Introduction to the Volume: Disadvantages in Starting a Family Across Europe, Mirza Emirhafizovic, Tali Heiman, Marton Medgyesi, Catarina Pinheiro Mota, Smiljka Tomanovic, and Sue Vella. Socio-Economic Challenges to Family Formation in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Major Issues, Mirza Emirhafizović and Andrea Puhalić. Family Formation in Changing Economic and Societal Conditions in the Czech Republic, Vera Kucharova. Disadvantages in Family Formation National Report: Germany, Dirk Hofäcker. Disadvantages in Starting a Family in Hungary, Márton Medgyesi. Families in Israel: Coping and Adjustment, Tali Heiman, Dorit Olenik-Shemesh, and Merav Regev-Nevo. Trends and Challenges in Family Formation in Italy: An Overview, Rosy Musumeci. Social and Economic Challenges and Opportunities in Family Formation in Latvia, Līva Griņeviča, Dina Bite, and Anna Broka. Changes in Family Formation: The Case of Lithuania, Edita Štuopytė. Young People and Family Formation in Malta, Sue Vella and Joanne Cassar. Challenges and Changes in Family(ies) Formation in Portugal Since the Transition to Democracy, Catarina Pinheiro Mota, Helena Carvalho and Paula Mena Matos. Family Formation in Serbia Between Normative Legacy, Structural Constraints, and Desired Prospects, Smiljka Tomanović and Dragan Stanojević. Contributors.


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