Peace Education from the Grassroots

Edited by:
Ian Harris, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

A volume in the series: Peace Education. Editor(s): Laura L. Finley, Barry University. Robin Cooper, Nova Southeastern University.

Published 2013

Historians often ignore the day-to-day struggles of ordinary people to improve their lives. They tend to focus on the accomplishments of illustrious leaders. Peace Education from the Grassroots tells the stories of concerned citizens, teachers, and grassroots peace activists who have struggled to counteract high levels of violence by teaching about the sources for violence and strategies for peace. The stories told here come from the grass roots meaning the educators are close to the forms of violence they are addressing.

This collection of essays tells how citizens at the grassroots level developed peace education initiatives in thirteen different nations (Belgium, Canada, El Salvador, Germany, India, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, the Philippines, South Korea, Spain, Uganda, and the United States). A fourteenth article describes the efforts of the International Red Cross to implement a human rights curriculum to teachers on the ground in the Balkans, Iran, Senegal, and the United Sates. These chapters describe a variety of schools, colleges, peace movement organizations, community-based organizations, and international nongovernmental organizations engaged in peace education.

Preface. Jamaica’s Path to Peace and Love in Society, Meagan Call-Cummings and Janilee Abrikian. Peace Education in Teacher Professional Development in Saltillo, Mexico, Sandra Lourdes Candel and Stephanie Knox-Cubbon. Peace Education in the Grassroots in the Philippines, Virginia Floresca-Cawagas, Loreta Navarro-Castro, Ofelia Durante, and Toh Swee-Hin. Empowering the Children of Ex-Combatants through Soccer and Peace Education in an After-School Program in El Salvador, Kathryn S. Crawford and Jose Roberto Gil. Peace Education in Flanders, Belgium: Grassroots Organizations at Work in Schools, Geert Castryck, Nils Duquet, and Maarten Van Alstein. Teaching Forgiveness in Uganda: On the Road to Reconciliation, Brandon Fryman. From the Bottom Up: Educating for Peace and Justice in America’s Nuclear Age, Ian Harris and Charles F. Howlett. How Peace Education Has Tried to Overcome the Division of Korea into Two Nations: Practicing Peace-Reunification Education in Schools, Soon-Won Kang. Building Peaceful Schools in Canada, One School at a Time: Peaceful Schools International, Robin Neustaeter. Peace Education in Spain: Present and Future, Antonio Otero Poleo, Ian Harris (translator). Peace Education from the Grassroots in Northeast India, Leban Serto. A Case Study of Holocaust Education in Germany, Miriam Shenkar and Zahava Szász-Stessel. The International Red Cross Educates the World about International Humanitarian Law, Cris Toffolo. Peace Education in “Life is Treasure” House in Japan, Kazuyo Yamane. A Bibliography For Peace Education. About the Contributors.