Preparing Teachers to Teach with Technology

Edited by:
Charalambos Vrasidas, Centre for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology
Gene V Glass, Arizona State University

A volume in the series: Current Perspectives on Applied Information Technologies. Editor(s): Gene V Glass, Arizona State University. Charalambos Vrasidas, Centre for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology.

Published 2005

Teacher preparation programs in the United States and around the world have finally begun to address this deficiency in their programs. The realization that technology is a powerful driving force in education coupled with a renewed emphasis on teacher preparation by governments have resulted in some dramatic changes in teacher preparation programs. I believe that we have just begun to see changes in teacher preparation and that the pace of change will continue to accelerate. This volume covers some of the more exciting developments in the field, including the emergence of wireless computing in the classroom and the preparation of teachers in an online environment. In short, I am optimistic. For those of you who are also in the field, I think you will agree. For those who are just entering the field, this book is a great place to start as you change education. Finally, while this book is the last book of the three part series that we at CAIT conceptualized with Charalambos Vrasidas and Gene Glass, it is also the beginning of a new relationship. We are excited to join with a new partner, CARDET, to present this book. Over many years in the education and R&D field, I have come to realize the value of partnerships and relationships. I want to thank both Charalambos and Gene for making this series a reality and such a success. We are looking forward to working with them and CARDET in the near future.

Foreword, Michael Dickson. Foreword, Vincent Quah and Greg Butler. Preface, Gabriel Salomon. Factors Influencing Technology Integration into Classroom Teaching, Charalambos Vrasidas and Gene V Glass. Part I: In-service Teacher Education. Within and Beyond the K-12 Classroom: The Social Contexts of Students' Technology Use, Tara Brown-L'Bahy. Tracking the Arc of New Teachers Technology Use, Michael Russell, Damian Bebell and Laura M. O'Dwyer. Learning in a Wireless Environment: The Successes and Challenges of Ubiquitous Computing in a School, Janette R. Hill, Thomas C. Reeves, Michael M. Grant, Seungyeon Han, and Shiang-Kwei Wang. Multiple Strategies for Fostering Teacher Learning with Technology, Margaret Riel, Marty DeWindt, Susan Chase, and Jason Askegreen. Introducing ICT in the Learning Context of Traditional School: What is Transformed and Why, Stavros Demetriadis, Alexandros Barbas, Dimitris Psillos, and Andreas Pombortsis. The Multiplying Effects of Technology Coaching on Teacher Practices, Robert W. Maloy, Paul Oh, and Ruth-Ellen Verock-O'Loughlin. Facilitating Use of Technology in Urban Classrooms: Principles for Effective Professional Development, Chrystalla Mouza. The Use of Video for Teacher Education and Professional Development: Past Experiences and Future Directions, Rossella Santagata, Ronald Gallimore, and James W. Stigler. Benchmarks for Teacher Education with Respect to ICT, Paul A. Kirschner and Michelle Selinger. Part II: Pre-service Teacher Education. Integrated Field-Based Models for Technology Preparation, Krista Glazewski and Thomas A. Brush. Learning to Teach with Technology: Designing and Implementing Technology-Enhanced Curriculum During Teacher Preparation, Belinda Gimbert and Dean Cristol. Technology in Education, Technology in Life: Toward a Holistic Perspective on Integration in Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers at the University of Illinois, Cynthia Carter Ching, James D. Basham and Evangeline S. Pianfetti. Evaluation of Mathematical Inquiry in Commercial Rational Number Software: Pre-service Teachers' Criteria and Choices. Battey, D. S., Kafai, Y. B., & Franke, M. L. The Technology Mentor Model: Infusing Technology into Student Teaching Placements, Louanne I. Smolin, Kimberly A. Lawless, and Joshua Radinsky. Facing the Challenge of Preparing Science Teachers to Use Simulations, Miky Ronen and Dorothy Langley. Conceptual Change in Pre-service Teacher Technology Preparation, William A. Sadera and Constance P. Hargrave. Preparing Pre- and In-service Teachers to Teach High School Science in a Technology-Rich Environment, Yehudit Judy Dori, Miri Barak, Orit Herscovitz and Miriam Carmi. Part III: Teacher Educators. Mentoring a Teacher Preparation Faculty Toward Technology Integration, Judith A. Duffield. An Effective Model of Professional Development in Technology for Multiple Constituencies: The Technology Leadership Cadre, Mary Phillips Manke, Gayle Ward, and Mary A. Lundeberg. Bridging and Closing Technology Gaps: Why Both are Important, Vivian H. Wright. Collaborative Curriculum Design as a Vehicle for Professional Development, Joshua Radinsky, Louanne I. Smolin, and Kimberly A. Lawless.