Teaching and Learning Online

Mathematics for Early Childhood and Elementary Grade Levels

Edited by:
Janet K. Stramel, Fort Hays State University
Sherri Martinie, Kansas State University
Julie Thiele, Wichita State University
Michael Lawson, Kansas State University

A volume in the series: Teaching and Learning Online. Editor(s): Franklin S. Allaire, University of Houston-Downtown. Jennifer E. Killham, University of La Verne.

Call for Abstracts

Chapter Proposal:
What is the tentative title of your proposal chapter?

Abstract: Please submit an abstract of your proposed chapter of no more than 750 words.

Please use the following guiding questions to let us know more about your proposed chapter. You are welcome to answer each question individually or use them as a guide to form a full abstract of the chapter.

1. Which online, digital, or software tools will be addressed in your proposed chapter?

2. Which of the Standards for Mathematical Practice or Effective Teaching Practices will inform your proposed chapter?

3. For those submitting proposals for Teacher’s Journey and Lesson Plans, what elementary mathematical content or big ideas will be addressed alongside the technology? Please list at least one of the Common Core Standards for School Mathematics.

4. How do you anticipate your chapter will engage readers in individual reflection?

July 31, 2024: Interest Form and Abstract
September 30, 2024: Notification of Invitation to Submit Chapter
February 28, 2025: Submission of Book Chapter
July 31, 2025: Chapter Revisions Due
Fall 2025: Anticipated Publication

Interest Form:

Corresponding Author Contact Information:
Author Name:
Institutional affiliation:
Mailing address:

Additional Author Information:
Author Name(s):
Institutional Affiliation(s):

Interest in contributing to the Teaching and Learning Online: Mathematics for Early Childhood and Elementary Grade Levels book in the following ways: (check all that apply)

___ Writing and contributing a chapter (individually or with co-authors)
___ Serving as a reviewer of the completed book manuscript

Chapter Alignment:

___ Frameworks
Chapters in this section will explore the integration of theory with best practices in leveraging online technologies, methodologies, pedagogies, and environments. These approaches aim to support early childhood and elementary teachers in effectively addressing their students' mathematics content-related needs.

___ Teacher’s Journeys
This section delves deeply into the creative process the authors undertook to develop new lessons or adapt face-to-face mathematics lessons for online environments.

___ Lesson Plans
This section includes detailed and practical mathematics lesson plans that are ready for implementation in online learning environments.

For the section listed above, what topic will your chapter seek to address? Please see suggested topics below or feel free to add your own!

___ Mathematics teaching practices that support online learning
___ Engaging students in disciplinary practices (SMPs) in online environments
___ Engaging diverse learners (e.g., special education, interventions, ethnic or racial)
___ Supporting equitable learning opportunities in online environments.
___ Engaging students with issues of equity and justice in online environments
___ Supporting a variety of online classroom structures – small- and whole-group
___ Digital tools and platforms for developmentally appropriate learning opportunities
___ AI or augmented reality for teaching lesson planning or to support student learning
___ Other (please describe):

Which grade level(s) will your proposed chapter seek to address and speak to? (select all that apply)

___ Early Childhood (EC)
___ 1st Grade
___ 2nd Grade
___ 3rd Grade
___ 4th Grade
___ 5th Grade
___ 6th Grade

The Teaching and Learning Online Series is published by IAP and edited by Franklin S. Allaire (University of Houston-Downtown) and Jennifer E. Killham (University of La Verne). If you have questions about the series or would like to propose a future volume, please send an email to

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