Transforming Government Organizations

Fresh Ideas and Examples from the Field

Edited by:
Ronald R. Sims, William & Mary
William I. Sauser Jr., Auburn University
Sheri K. Bias, Saint Leo University

A volume in the series: Contemporary Human Resource Management Issues Challenges and Opportunities. Editor(s): Ronald R. Sims, William & Mary.

Published 2016

In 2010 IAP released Change (Transformation) in Government Organizations, edited by Ronald R. Sims. This well-received volume described how organizational change methods can be used effectively to make government organizations more effective and efficient and better equipped to serve a demanding citizenry. The 2010 book brought together contributions by managers, practitioners, academics, and consultants in the study of international, federal, state, and local government efforts to respond to increased calls for change (transformation) in public sector organizations.

Since the release of the 2010 volume, calls for government transformation have continued and intensified, and a number of fresh ideas and examples have been generated from the field. The time is now ripe for a follow-up volume laying out innovative, successful ideas for transforming government. Transforming Government Organizations: Fresh Ideas and Examples from the Field is that follow-up volume. A collection of fresh contributions such as those included in this book will add to the growing knowledge base of what does—and what does not—work when transformation efforts are attempted in government organizations.

The contributors to this new volume are experts with extensive experience as change agents in government and other organizations. They provide analyses and discussions of specific cases and issues as well as practical tools, ideas, and lessons learned intended to guide those responsible for similar efforts in the years to come. The audience for the book are government managers, scholars, and others interested in undertaking or learning about such efforts.

Acknowledgments. An Introduction to Transforming Government Organizations: Fresh Ideas and Examples From the Field, Ronald R. Sims, William I. Sauser, Jr., and Sheri Bias. Human Resource Management and Civil Service Reform: Change (Transformation) in Government, Ronald R. Sims. SECTION I: TRANSFORMATION AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL, Cybersecurity Mission and Management at the Department of Homeland Security: Toward a Model of Integrated Adaptation, Marcia A. Beck and Jonathan P. West. Public Sector Retirement Systems: Either Change or Consider Bankruptcy? William J. Woska. Federal Change: Difficult But Doable for the Effective Leader, William J. Mea. Transition to a New State: Consolidating Organizational Resources at NASA Langley Research Center, Sheri Bias, Donna L. Phillips, and Kathleen Cabler. Drones in Domestic Law Enforcement: Ethical Issues, Implementation Practices, and Case Studies, Jonathan P. West and James S. Bowman. SECTION II: TRANSFORMATION AT THE LOCAL/STATE LEVEL, Developing an Online Job Analysis Questionnaire: The Ever Changing Process, Stacey Lange and Martinique Alber. Maintaining an Ethical Culture in Municipal Government through the use of a Professional Ethics Workshop for all City Employees, William I. Sauser, Jr. and Steven A. Reeves. Caring for the Poor in Jefferson County, Alabama: A Model of Change in Government-Run Healthcare, Roger McCullough. Building a Better Department of Revenue for the People of Alabama, William I. Sauser, Jr., Julie P. Magee, Don-Terry Veal, Julia B. Heflin, and Lisa P. Brantly. Interlocal Diffusion and Difference: How Networks Are Transforming Public Service, Kathleen Hale and Mitchell Brown. SECTION III: LESSONS LEARNED ON TRANSFORMATION IN GOVERNMENT, Are Public and Private Sector Change Efforts Different: Some Answers and Lessons Learned, Ronald R. Sims, William J. Mea, and John G. Veres, III. Leadership: The Common Thread in Successful Government Transformation, Barry Hoy. About the Authors. Index.