Contemporary Perspectives in Race and Ethnic Relations

The Contemporary Perspectives in Race and Ethnic Relations series includes book-length volumes derived from the best scholarship on the varied dynamics of race and ethnicity in America. Books in this series bridge the gaps between traditional race and ethnic research, practical approaches to creating equitable contexts, and the fluid nature of cultural realities. Additionally, the race and ethnic relations series endeavors to provide major discourses and meaningful guidance on continuing challenges of race and ethnic diversity in America The aim is to generate a corpus of scholarship that critically examines the interplay among issues of race and ethnicity, state, global community, social justice, and ideology.

The series centers on volumes that treat race and ethnicity in conjunction or parallel with social sciences, human studies, public policy, and/or education and that disseminate ideas and strategies useful for various communities against a backdrop of race and/or ethnicity in America. Books in this series foreground novel thinking about race and ethnicity, important policy/praxis issues, developing trends and responses across society, and the concerns of public and/or institutional constituencies. To the extent possible, books in the series explore the interconnection of multiple perspectives, while concurrently articulating implications resultant from the intersections of race/ethnicity (i.e. gender, class, sexual orientation, creed, ability). Each volume investigates one or more critical topics missing from the extant literature, and engages one or more theoretical perspectives.