AI Enabled Business

A Smart Decision Kit

Melodena Stephens, Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government
Himanshu Vashishtha, SixthFactor Consulting
Dirk Nicolas Wagner, Karlshochschule International University

Published 2023

As the use of AI becomes more and more ubiquitous in companies around the world, managers charged with taking key decisions require resources to enable them to evaluate new projects effectively. The business case for AI projects is not necessarily clear cut and part of the reason for this is the lack of understanding on key decision criteria. AI touches on many ethical concepts - data privacy, validity and more importantly, its potential misuse. AI is often being used to replace human decision-making and there is often no real understanding of the implications of this. This book provides a detailed primer for practitioners without a deep technological background. It guides the reader through the basic issues and offers advice on ‘how to take decisions’. There is a dearth of such books currently available and this book aspires to fill a growing niche.


"This book is sure to offer value to business users, students and the general public." — K. Ananth Krishnan, Tata Consultancy Services

"I highly recommend this book for the leader seeking an up-to-date review of AI to make strategic investments." — Kes Sampanthar, Innovation, BCG Brighthouse

"The specificity of application in case studies and easy to understand definitions and recommendations make this a must read in the ever-growing field of literature around AI." — John C. Havens

"The AI Enabled Organization is the perfect tool to embark on a thorough assessment of what AI means for your business." — Arno Fehler, Schmidt Kranz Group, Germany

Foreword. CHAPTER 1: A Brief History of AI. CHAPTER 2: AI in Collectives of Humans and Artificial Agents. CHAPTER 3: AI and the Changing Nature of Work and the Firm. CHAPTER 4: Exponential Developments, Organizations, and Thinking. CHAPTER 5: AI and Decision Making. CHAPTER 6: AI Expertise. CHAPTER 7: AI Operations. CHAPTER 8: AI Data Types and Management. CHAPTER 9: AI and Employees. CHAPTER 10: AI and Customers. CHAPTER 11: AI Regulations. CHAPTER 12: Epilogue—Thinking Ahead. About the Authors.