Cases 'n' Places

Global Cases in Educational and Performance Technology

Edited by:
Stewart Marshall, The University of the West Indies
Wanjira Kinuthia, Georgia State University

A volume in the series: Educational Design and Technology in the Knowledge Society. Editor(s): Stewart Marshall, The University of the West Indies. Wanjira Kinuthia, Georgia State University.

Published 2010

Practitioners in the field of educational technology require a high level of problem solving, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills to deal with learning issues that are often complex and multidimensional. Unfortunately, there are few opportunities for providers of learning services and learners to practice authentic instructional design or educational technology as part of their academic preparation and/or training.

When learners interact with case studies through reasoning and problem solving, learning takes place through the process of analysis, synthesis, application, and evaluation. In particular, case studies that use story telling to reflect problem situations in real-life create an authentic learning environment for learners. This book provides the material that learners can use to interact, reason and apply their problem solving skills in realistic and engaging cases. Because of the interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary nature of the field and the cases, this book is useful not just in educational technology, but also in other fields. A “Facilitator Guide” is provided for each chapter for teachers and trainers using this book with their learners.

Acknowledgements. About the Editors. About the Contributors. Acronyms. Introduction: Cases ’n’ Places: Global Cases in Educational and Performance Technology, Wanjira Kinuthia and Stewart Marshall. SECTION 1: COURSE DESIGN. The Situated Cognition Paradigm in an A Priori setting: A Case in a Multicultural Classroom, Louis Sanzogni and Heather Gray. Technology Based Learning Experience of Malaysian Older Adult Learners, Nor Aziah Alias. Copycats of the Central Himalayas: Learning in the Age of Information, Payal Arora. Health Sciences Case Study, Judi Baron, Lesley Steele and Sausan Al Kawas. SECTION 2: PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT. The Perils of Pauline: The Initiation of a Novice Instructional Designer in an Industrial Setting, Wanjira Kinuthia and Grady Mclean. Dance of Change: Print-Based Distance Education to Creative Networked Learning, Cherry Stewart and Rachael Adlington. Reusing, Reworking and Remixing Open Educational Resources, Andy Lane, Teresa Connolly, Giselle Ferreira, Patrick McAndrew and Tina Wilson. Retooling for New Opportunities: Faculty Development, Technology and Change, Danilo M. Baylen and Joan Glacken. Managing the Delivery of Computing Projects in Hong Kong from Australia, Iwona Miliszewska. SECTION 3: TEACHER EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT. Freshman Survival Guide: A Multimedia Case Study Approach for Exploring High School Writing Instruction in Teacher Education, Ewa McGrail. Developing Professional Competencies of Teacher Educators in the use of Educational Technology, with Scenario-based Learning, Shironica Karunanayaka and Som Naidu. Online Hybrid Teacher Education Program Case Study, Thanh T. Nguyen. The OUCH DIP: Teacher Education Technology Training at the Overland University of Central Hattiesburg, Jason G. Caudill. SECTION 4: PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT. Designing for the Future: At a Southern State University, David E. Stone. Managing and Sustaining Expectations of Innovative ICT Integration in Development Projects, Susan Crichton. Teacher Professional Development in and through Information and Communications Technology, Kay Xuereb. Problems at Maple Leaf: Developing Constructivist e-Learning for Canada’s Security Officers, Ellen Rose and Bev Bramble. SECTION 5: TECHNOLOGY IMPLEMENTATION AND ADOPTION. Hatching the Cocoon: Assiut University Students' First Step to the World of ICT, Hanan Salah EL-Deen EL-Halawany. Principal William's Vision: Critical Issues for Institutionalizing Educational Technology, John A. Gedeon. Drama, Theater and E-learning, Robyn Philip and Jennifer Nicholls. Instructional Problems with a Chiropractic Technique Course: Preliminary use of Video and Associated Issues, Aaron Powell. Indian Company Contracts with Public Sector US Consortium for 3-D Visualization Application Development Training, L. Roxanne Russell. Benjamin and Harriett went up a Hill: A Modern Day Nursery Rhyme, Paul A. Walcott and Jamillah M. A. Grant.