Dream Catcher

A Passion for People Development

Tinashe Mahupete

Published 2019

Succession planning at all levels of an organization is crucial.

Dream Catcher is an established coaching program designed for anyone who wants to invest in helping others to reach their fullest potential. The program builds leaders with the capacity to fill key roles in organizations.

The process is unique, simple, and concisely presented in this book.

Dream Catcher is based on an approach that has been developed within and applied at QLI; a nationally renowned center of excellence in its field. QLI is based in Omaha, Nebraska, a city with a sub 3% unemployment rate. It is therefore essential for businesses to provide value for their developing team members in a manner that commands employee engagement leading to retention.

Dream Catcher is based on neuroscience-backed theories. It is designed to assist coaches who will guide individuals and organizations to conquer challenges. Dream Catcher users become proficient in the art and science of creating compelling visions for their future selves, identifying what gaps exist in terms of skill sets, formulating plans to execute the vision, and establishing new habits to sustain the progress made.

Those who follow this program not only learn how to be successful in attaining skills in specific areas or disciplines but can also apply the methods to other areas of their work and life. Dream Catcher is geared to be a way of life, not merely focused on short- term results.

About Dream Catcher. Acknowledgments. PART I: INTRODUCTION: Invest in Your Employees and They Will Invest in You CHAPTER 1: A Global Dilemma. PART II: PROFILES: Dream Catcher Deconstructed CHAPTER 2: Potent Coaches Cultivate Great Talent. CHAPTER 3: Culture: The Most Important Part of Your Business. CHAPTER 4: The Worldview of a Winning Coach. CHAPTER 5: Do I Need to Make Them Happy? A Coaching Pitfall. PART III: ELEMENTS: The Dream Catcher Toolkit CHAPTER 6: Elements for Coaching. CHAPTER 7: Think, Talk, and Act Like a Coach. PART IV: Vision, Execute, Sustain CHAPTER 8: Vision. CHAPTER 9: Elements for a Compelling Vision. CHAPTER 10: Execute. CHAPTER 11: Elements to Execute. CHAPTER 12: Sustain. CHAPTER 13: Elements to Sustain. CONCLUSION: It Never Ends!