Perspectives on Race in Organizations

Edited by:
Eden B. King, Rice University
Quinetta M. Roberson, Michigan State University
Mikki R. Hebl, Rice University

A volume in the series: Research in Social Issues in Management. Editor(s): Eden B. King, Rice University. Quinetta M. Roberson, Michigan State University. Mikki R. Hebl, Rice University.

Published 2023

The current volume, the fifth in the series, focuses on race and racism in organizations. Seventeen experts and trailblazers for building a science around race at work respond to prompts that align with the volume’s goal of building understanding and kindling new directions. These giants on whose shoulders new scholarship stands describe their paths to this area of work and the products of which they are most proud before sharing advice and inspiration for scholars and research in the future. Together, these reflections represent poignant examples of why scholarship on race continues to be of critical importance to management science.

Preface, Eden King, Mikki Hebl, and Quinetta Roberson. Reflections of a Formerly Apologetic Race Researcher, Derek R. Avery. To Inform, Educate, and Change the World: Reflections and Recommendations, Myrtle P. Bell. Race as a Resource for Connection and Insight: Why Research on Race Makes Organizational Behavior Better, Martin N. Davidson. Understanding Differences: Demography, Dissimilarity, Distance, and Dispersion as Diversity, David A. Harrison. Making the Case for Mesearch: Legitimizing Race/Ethnicity Research, Oscar Holmes IV. The Rewarding Nature of Studying Race/Ethnicity, Juan Madera. Not All White Supremacists Wear Robes and Hoods, Eddy S. Ng. Personal Reflections on the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Tina Opie. Research in Social Issues in Management: Embracing Race as an Inspirational Calling, Orlando C. Richard. From Dollars to Sense: My Personal Business Case for Studying Race and Ethnicity, Quinetta Roberson. Diary of a Mad Black Woman: A Journey in Self-Reflection, Social Justice, and Race Research, Enrica N. Ruggs. Accidents and Inspirations, Ann Marie Ryan. Betwixt and Between: My Journey to Date in Examining Issues of Race and Ethnicity, Winny Shen. Studying Diversity With Purpose and Community, Kecia M. Thomas. From Cuba to Texas: My Path to Becoming a Scholar, María del Carmen Triana. Intersectional Investigations: A Noteworthy Foundation for Race/Ethnicity Scholarship, Sabrina D. Volpone. On Being an Outsider/Within: A Personal Narrative About Intersectional Reflexivity in Life and Research, Alexis Smith (Washington). About the Editors. About the Contributors.