Enterprise Systems and Technological Convergence

Research and Practice

Sam Goundar, RMIT University

A volume in the series: Emerging Information Technologies: Applications, Innovations, and Research. Editor(s): Sam Goundar, RMIT University.

Published 2021

Enterprise Systems have been used for many years to integrate technology with the management of an organization but rapid technological disruptions are now creating new challenges and opportunities that require urgent consideration. This book reappraises the implementation and management of Enterprise Systems in the digital age and investigates the vital link between business processes, information technology and the Internet for an organization’s competitive advantage and success.

This book primarily focuses on the implementation, operation, management and integration of Enterprise Systems with fastemerging disruptive technologies such as blockchains, big data, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, data mining and data analytics. These disruptive technologies are now becoming mainstream and the book proposes several innovations that organizations need to adopt to remain competitive within this rapidly changing landscape. In addition, it examines Enterprise Systems, their components, architecture, and applications and enlightens readers on the benefits and shortcomings of implementing them.

This book contains primary research on organizations, case studies, and benchmarks ERP implementation against international best practice.

Introduction to Enterprise Systems and Technological Convergence, Sam Goundar. An ERP Implementation Framework for Regional Enterprises, Sam Goundar, Tevita Kengike, Hosea Vao, Samaluta Nunaia, Lewis Alexander, and Tabakea Tareti. ERP Implementation Challenges and Critical Success Factors, Sam Goundar, Roshni Gounder, Avneel Kumar, Lalesh Chand, Ravin Singh, Oscar Whiteside, and Isaac Ali. Local ERP Implementation Processes and Standard Methodologies, Sam Goundar, Shavindar Singh, Ayesha Lata, Mandeep Singh, and Shivanesh Lal. How Artificial Intelligence Is transforming the ERP Systems? Sam Goundar, Anand Nayyar, Moniker Maharaj, Karunesh Ratnam, and Shalvin Prasad. Using Business Intelligence in Organizations: Benefits and Challenges, Sam Goundar, Kennedy Okafor, Aloesi Cagica, Praveer Chand, and Shanish Singh. e-Commerce and e-Business Innovations With ERP Systems, Sam Goundar, Irfaz Mohammed, Jyotika Devi, and Jashneel Lal. Impact of ERP Systems and ERP Capabilities for Organizational Success. Sam Goundar, Rukshar Khan, Ravinesh Singh, Shivanesh Lal, Geol Lal, and Siddarth Singh. Extending Educational ERP System’s Functionality to Users on the Edge, Sam Goundar, Jeshika Solanki, Jekope Qoro, Pranil Sadal, and Rigamoto Fonmanu. Customer Relationship Management Issues and Analysis, Sam Goundar, Sandra Kaitu’u, Ledua Turaganivalu, Sireli Nakasava, Robert Vuidreketi, Tauala Katea, and Jone Vodo. Analyzing Human Resource Information System in Organizations, Sam Goundar, Vinash Singh, Dhiraj Kumar, Akashdeep Bhardwaj, and Sunil Kaushik. Exploring the Competitive Advantage of ERP in Telecommunications, Sam Goundar, Kunal Lal, Ashneel Kumar, Kavish Sen, and Siddarth Singh. Measuring the Success of ERP With the DeLone and McLean Model, Sam Goundar, Azhar Buksh, Karpagam Masilamani, Nickil Rajan, and Khushant Prakash. Analysis of Ethical Issues in HRIS Using the PAPA Model, Sam Goundar, Subhash Appana, Uaitelose Fonohema, Seluvaia Vea, and Mele Fonua. An Analysis of a University’s ERP Implementation: A Case Study, Sam Goundar, Sanjay Singh, Goel Lal, and Ashish Tiwari. Usage and Benefits of Banner ERP System at a University, Sam Goundar, Noneel Prasad, Dinesh Chetty, Rahul Prasad, and Rayani Kumar. Analyzing the Effectiveness of an ERP’s Order Fulfilment Process, Sam Goundar, Dilule Stolz, Karen Aisake, Krishan Kumar, and Jitendra Yadav. Analyzing the Effectiveness of CRM in a Bank, Sam Goundar, Aishal Singh, Charles Robinson, Esther Singh, and Shelyn Dass. Human Resources Management System for Integration and Productivity, Sam Goundar, Ashish Lata, Christopher Siga, Pritika Singh, Sainimelia Damuni, Salome Baleivanualala, and Shelvin Senik.