Evaluating Educational Reforms

Scandinavian Perspectives

Edited by:
Peder Haug, Volda University College
Thomas A. Schwandt, University of Illinois - Champaign

A volume in the series: Evaluation and Society. Editor(s): Jennifer C. Greene, University of Illinois - Champaign. Stewart I. Donaldson, Claremont Graduate University.

Published 2003

List of Contributors. Preface. Thomas A. Schwandt And Peder Haug. The Research Council of Norway Evaluating Reform 97. Peder Haug. Challenges And Dilemmas for the Evaluation of Reform 97. Lars Monsen. Models of Evaluation. Evert Vedung. From Basic Research to Evaluation. Gunnar Stangvik. What’s Being Done in the Name Of Evaluation?: Experiences Drawn From the Recent Evaluation of Schooling Reforms in Switzerland. Heinz Rhyn. The Political Governing (Governance) of Education and Evaluation. Ulf P. Lundgren. On the Evaluation of Curriculum Reforms. Stefan Thomas Hopmann. Democratic Evaluation: An Arena for Dialogue And Learning? Ove Karlsson. Democratic Evaluation and Evaluation for Learning: A Reply to Ove Karlsson. Gunn Imsen. Linking Evaluation and Education: Enlightenment and Engagement. Thomas A. Schwandt. Evaluating a National Curriculum Reform. Ian Westbury.