Faculty Development on a Shoestring

Programs to Support Higher Education Faculty Using Little or No Resources

Edited by:
Diane D. Chapman, North Carolina State University
Michelle E. Bartlett, Old Dominion University

Published 2024

Faculty development is essential for promoting excellence in teaching and research, supporting institutional goals, and creating a culture of continuous learning that benefits both faculty members and students. However, educational institutions do not always allocate adequate resources towards supporting their faculty's professional development, especially from the institutional level. Underfunding this support can lead to the inability to attend conferences to keep up with the latest research and pedagogical practices in their fields, the inability to conduct meaningful research, and lack of access to modern technologies. This in turn can limit faculty growth and harm student learning outcomes. Ultimately, faculty who do not feel supported by their institutions can become disengaged or leave.

This book attempts to address the needs of faculty from institutions where there may not be adequate resources to support robust faculty development activities. The chapters are written by faculty development experts in the US and Europe who understand the disparities between institutions and want to share programs that can be implemented for little or no cost. Each chapter provides objective, content, implementation, and evaluation details that can be used to replicate the program at other institutions. The hope is to begin to level the playing field in faculty development through sharing successful low resource programs with proven outcomes.

FaculTEA: Virtual Micro-Professional Development for Online Part-Time Faculty, Michelle E. Bartlett. The Sparkshop: Making Faculty Development Timely and Department-Based, Teresa Focarile, Brittnee Earl, and Megan Frary. What Your Students Want You to Know: Collaborating With Student Services Partners to Improve Equitable Educational Outcomes for All Students, Jessica L. Tinklenberg and Jeremy L. Schnieder. Teaching Field Notes: A Crowd-Sourced Approach to Developing Faculty Development Resources, Emily Boehm, Bob Henshaw, Doug James, and Erin Malloy. Faculty Development Meets Game-Based Learning: The Case of Constructive Alignment Training, Natalia Timuş. Online Faculty Conversations: Bringing Faculty Together to Discuss Timely Issues, Maria Gallardo-Williams. Faculty Development on the Road: Bringing Targeted, Consistent Teaching Strategies to Established Department Meetings, Nancy V. Winfrey. The Renaissance Foundry: A Self-Guided Instrument for Holistic Centered Faculty Development, Andrea Arce-Trigatti, Pedro E. Arce, and J. Robby Sanders. COMMUNITY BUILDING. Faculty Reading Circles for Community Building and Interdisciplinary Discussion, Diane D. Chapman. Designing and Facilitating a Successful Faculty Learning Community, Barbara Jacoby. First Year, First Friday: A Space for Connection and Comradery, Bethany Lisi and Wendy Varner. Establishing Communities of Practice to Enhance the Use of Active Learning Approaches, Christina Magkoufopoulou. Building Community With (Virtual) Informal Meet-Ups for Instructors, Marissa Stewart, Hannah E. Jardine, and Aránzazu Ascunce. Expanding the Reach of Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs), Julie Schrock, Cece Toole, Whitney Manzo, and Cathie Ostrowski. AWARDS AND RECOGNITION. Using a Certificate Program to Incentivize Faculty Development at a Service Academy, Robert W. Flaherty and Marc P. Napolitano. Improving Faculty Morale on a Shoestring Through a Thank-a-Professor Program, Amanda M. Rosen. The Teaching Endorsement: Identifying, Recognizing and Elevating the Development of Scholarly Teachers, Kay Halasek and Melinda Rhodes-DiSalvo. Using Digital Badging for Motivation and Engagement, Personalization, Recognition, and Outcome Improvement in Faculty Development, James E. Bartlett, II and Nick B. D’Antonio. RESEARCH AND LEADERSHIP. High Value, Low Cost: Creating a New Faculty Leadership Development Program, Alicia Schatteman and Chad McEvoy. Creating an Online Academic Integrity Workshop by Collaborating With Campus Partners ... for Free! Kristina C. Wilson and Tracy Coyne. Career Mapping for Faculty and Aspiring Academic Leaders, Katharine E. Stewart. MENTORING AND COACHING. Investing in Early Career Faculty Success: Traversing Career Milestones With Targeted Faculty Development, Vicki L. Baker and Andrew N. Christopher. Leveling Up: Fostering Teaching Excellence at a Private Research University, Laura Kohn-Wood, Soyeon Ahn, Allan Gyorke, Ijeoma Adele, and Jeffrey L. Duerk. Faculty Paying It Forward: Building Facilitated Peer Mentoring Circles, Erin Malloy and Joanna Helene Foland. Promoting Inter-institutional Partnerships for Faculty Professional Development Opportunities, Carrol L. Warren and Michelle Bartlett. Helping Faculty Grow Their Instruction Using Course Maps, Jessica White and Fernanda Santos. About the Authors.