Keep Calm, Teach On

Education Responding to a Pandemic

Edited by:
Dina Vyortkina, Florida State University
Neil Collins, University College Cork and Nazarbayev University
Timothy Reagan, University of Maine and University of the Free State

A volume in the series: International Perspectives on Educational Policy, Research and Practice. Editor(s): Timothy Reagan, University of Maine and University of the Free State. Neil Collins, University College Cork and Nazarbayev University.

Published 2023

COVID-19 has had massive social, political, and economic consequences, not least in education. Schools and universities globally closed their doors and sought to provide educational services to students in other, alternative ways. This book is a collection of essays about how different institutions and systems of education around the world have attempted to meet the challenges created by COVID-19. It reports the impact of the pandemic in both developed and developing nations and at all levels of education. The collective responses and lessons learned are analyzed to explain the relative success of different coping strategies.

Preface. Education in a Time of Crisis: An Introduction, Dina Vyortkina, Neil Collins, and Timothy Reagan. How the COVID-19 Pandemic Affected Education in Turkey, Oğuzcan Çığ and Neslihan Canpolat-Çığ. Lessons From a Pandemic: Professional Learning for Teacher Education From a Reflective Account of Online Learning in a New Zealand Primary School, V. E. Sharplin and Elaine Sharplin. The Postpandemic Evolution of Internationalization in Australian Higher Education: Situating the Current Crisis in the Historical Sociocultural Policy Context, Michele Doray, Elaine Sharplin, and Christine Howitt. Inclusion and Equity With Multimodality During COVID-19, Nettie Boivin and Anna CohenMiller. STEM Education in Higher Education in the Time of COVID-19, Asli Sezen Barrie. Reflections in Teacher Education in the Time of COVID-19, Terry A. Osborn. EdTech and COVID-19 Response: A Case Study of Kenya, Moses Ngware and Vollan Ochieng. About the Contributors.