Higher Education Administration

50 Case-Based Vignettes

Scott Newman

Published 2015

Few resources exist for individuals who wish to subscribe to a practical, applied learning approach to higher education administration. To that end, the book’s vignettes: 1) reflect the diversity of issues, roles, contexts and situations postsecondary leaders face—yet are uncommonly addressed in learning resources; 2) place learners in authentic higher education administrative circumstances in which they must respond; 3) facilitate further individual or collective exploration; and 4) may be adapted to a broad array of formal and informal professional development needs.

The book’s scenarios include a broad assortment of exhibits (e.g., correspondences, articles, institutional policies, etc.) which allow learners to practice evaluating a range of information sources common in postsecondary administration. In addition, each vignette provides learners with guided opportunities to determine how and why they might respond in the situations presented, and offers chances to assess the responses of actual higher education administrators to authentic situations and challenges.

“Instead of management theory pronounced from on high, this collection presents 50 real-world situations typical of those higher education leaders grapple with daily. From impassioned-yet-questionable expenditure requests, to nasty intra-departmental conflicts, to intrusive elected officials, responses to these challenges make or break careers in academic administration. Read Higher Education Administration: 50 Case-Based Vignettes to understand more fully the land mines that litter the landscape of university and college leadership, as well as how to navigate through them.” Kevin P. Reilly, President Emeritus and Regent Professor, University of Wisconsin System, and Presidential Advisor for Leadership, American Council on Education

“In Higher Education Administration: 50 Case-Based Vignettes, Scott Newman presents a series of cases based upon actual situations faced by practicing administrators. The cases apply to all levels of leadership and include situations dealing with ethics, peer relationships, interference from a former administrator, political issues with policy makers, fairness of resource allocation, competence of support department personnel, freedom of speech, and many others. This collection of cases is a valuable resource for both current and prospective higher education leaders. Thinking about possible responses to these vignettes will prepare leaders to deal with the situations they will no doubt face in real life.” George R. Boggs, President and CEO Emeritus, American Association of Community Colleges; Superintendent/President Emeritus, Palomar College

“Higher education is at an incredibly dynamic point historically. Many of the assumptions about leadership in this tumultuous environment are under close scrutiny. Higher Education Administration: 50 Case-Based Vignettes is a very practical and user-friendly group of case studies that allows thoughtful exploration of authentic situations. Each one of the scenarios raises a number of important themes relevant to postsecondary leadership in the 21st century. The text represents a best-practice approach for the preparation of current and future leaders for a range of challenging roles.” Gregg Garn, Dean and Presidential Professor of the Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education, and Executive Director of the K20 Center, The University of Oklahoma

“Scott Newman’s well-crafted Higher Education Administration: 50 Case-Based Scenarios represents a unique and invaluable learning resource for any current or future higher education leaders—from graduate students to seasoned administrators. Finding another resource that facilitates such an authentic exploration of so many different dimensions of postsecondary leadership will be difficult if not impossible.” Gerardo de los Santos, President and Chief Executive Officer, League for Innovation in the Community College

“Newman’s Higher Education Administration: 50 Case-Based Vignettes is an invaluable, applied-learning resource for anyone interested in pursuing or advancing a career in postsecondary leadership. Readers will thoroughly enjoy this excellent collection of real-world, higher education administration case studies!” Mary John O’Hair, Dean of the College of Education, and Executive Director of the Kentucky P20 Innovation Lab, University of Kentucky