Instructional Design Fieldbook

Edited by:
Kathryn A. Wolfe, Anderson University
Josh Herron, Anderson University
Wanda V. Chaves, University of South Carolina

Published 2022

From a field developed out of the need to train military personnel at scale to its current role in enabling virtual learning and training experiences, instructional design has developed into a complex, multifaceted discipline.

The modern instructional design process goes by many names (e.g., learning experience design, learning engineering, training and development, organizational development) and continues to adapt with continual changes in society and skill development needs. From mobile to remote learning as well as online and traditional classrooms, instructional designers are faced with meeting the learner where they are to design authentic and engaging learning experiences. Additionally, learning development needs have expanded outside of formal learning into professional development, on the job training, and continuous learning.

Foreword, Luke Hobson. Introduction, Kathryn A. Wolfe-Burleson, Josh Herron, and Wanda V. Chaves. SECTION I: CURRENT TOPICS. Introduction. A Case Study in Connecting Students and Learning in a Pandemic Era: Enhancing Student Engagement and Persistence, Melanie Morgan Jackson. Navigating Buy-In: Implementing a University-Wide Accessibility Initiative, Amy Ostrom and Jeremy Dickerson. SECTION II: K–12 EDUCATION. Introduction. The Making of Makerspaces in the Elementary Classroom, Maghan Evans Churchill. Bringing Instructional Design and Educational Technology to K–12, Kathryn A. Wolfe-Burleson. SECTION III: HIGHER EDUCATION. Introduction. Team-Based Design: A Case Study, Gary Chinn, Kate Miffitt, and Katrina Wehr. Is Pedagogy as Important as We Think, JeVaughn Lancaster. SECTION IV: BUSINESS. Introduction. Development Rich-Time Poor: How Game Based Developmental Experiences Provide Impactful Performance Interventions for Corporate Learners, Allyson L. Copeland, Madhura Sarkar, Brooke B. Saldivar, and Elaine C. Tricoli. Changing Processes, Changing Minds: Achieving Radical Results in Manufacturing, Ed Cucinelli and Wanda V. Chaves. A University Partnership to Develop a Family-Owned Enterprise Training Program, Josh Herron, Andria Carpenter, and Scott Whitaker. SECTION V: ENTERTAINMENT. Introduction. The Creation of Cirque du Soleil’s Acro-Artistic Training Program, Caitlan Maggs, Bernard Petiot, and Wanda V. Chaves. Building Multicultural Strength to Enhance Customer and Employee Experience, Angie Sola and Wanda V. Chaves. SECTION VI: HEALTHCARE. Introduction. Urgent Medical Training During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Natalie Budesa. Implementation of EHR in an Ophthalmic/Optometric Office, LaToya C. Ligon. About the Authors.