Leadership for School Improvement in the Caribbean

Edited by:
Austin Ezenne, University of the West Indies, Kingston, Jamaica

Published 2010

The chapters in this book should stimulate the reader not only to think about the kind of leadership that is needed to improve schools in the Caribbean (using
'schools' in the widest sense to range from early childhood to higher education institutions) but also other forms of support. The book deals in detail with issues of leadership. At the theoretical level there is exploration of appropriate models of leadership in the effort to create effective schools. At the practical level the importance of the principal's role is explored. This book is very timely and should prove informative not only to current and prospective leaders but also to students and scholars both locally and internationally with an interest in Caribbean education. The chapters are written in a sufficiently user- friendly style to be of interest also to the general public who want to see the process of transformation realised in our education systems.