Leading in Change

Implications of School Diversification for School Leadership Preparation in England and the United States

Edited by:
Valerie A. Storey, University of Central Florida

Published 2019

Leading in Change: Implications for School Leadership Preparation in England and the United States considers the ways in which school leadership, and its preparation has changed and developed in response to a rapidly changing educational scenario over the past decade. Drawing together leading thinkers, researchers, and practitioners in the field of school leadership and management this text takes an international perspective to consider what we know about school diversification, and school leadership preparation. Theoretically and conceptually informed, the contributors’ draw on recent empirical research studies and practitioner experience into school leadership preparation to examine how neoliberal and neoconservative policies are working in unison to privatize and corporatize public schools. It looks at how these policies have impacted the preparation of school leaders. In addition to information, critique, and analysis, multiple perspectives are provided that readers can draw upon to ensure aspiring school leaders are successfully prepared to lead in a diversified and corporate school context.

The book is divided into three sections. In the first section key topics covered include:
• Relationship between school corporatization and leadership preparation in England and the United States
• Comparative analysis of US charter schools and UK academy trusts

Section two is focused on England. Key topics covered include:
• System leadership and governance in networked systems
• Role of a specialist leader
• Role of social capital in the leadership of academy and free schools
• Building leadership capacity
• Women's leadership preparation in the independent sector

Section three is focused on the United States. Key topics covered include:
• Overview of current education reform, issues and challenges for school leadership
• Historical analysis of standards for educational leadership preparation programs
• Preparing charter school leaders, emerging challenges and opportunities
• Role of a growth mindset in principal preparation programs
• School leadership preparation and development in one state

Leading in Change: Implications for School Leadership Preparation in England and the United States is essential reading for those who work, study, or research in k-12 school reform. Contributors examine the current research and best practices on present school leadership preparation programs in England and the US adding to the discourse on effective training methods for 21st century school leaders. Given the crucial importance of leadership for effective school performance, a number of strategies are proposed by chapter authors to help future school leaders operate successfully in demanding and changing times.

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