Organization and Administration of Adult Education Programs

A Guide for Practitioners

Steven W. Schmidt, East Carolina University
Susan M. Yelich Biniecki, Kansas State University

A volume in the series: Adult Education Special Topics: Theory, Research and Practice in LifeLong Learning. Editor(s): Kathleen P. King, University of Central Florida.

Published 2016

Administrators of adult education programs work in dynamic and ever-changing environments. They are continually challenged with a myriad of issues related to program budgeting, marketing, strategic planning, funding, human resources, and other topics. With decades of real world experience in the field, Steven Schmidt and Susan Yelich Biniecki have developed a practical guide for those who are involved in the organization and administration of educational programs for adults. Whether you work in the human resource department of a corporation, a grass-roots community organization, a higher education unit, a consulting company, or any other type of organization that provides adult education, this book is for you. In a no-nonsense approach, Organization and Administration of Adult Education Programs: A Guide for Practitioners “talks” to you as an administrator about topics that are important to you. Guidelines, processes, and procedures discussed in the book can help to make you a more effective practitioner. Scenarios, role plays, and activities are also included for classroom use and personal reflection.

CHAPTER 1: Introduction. CHAPTER 2: Methods of Program Organization. CHAPTER 3: Leadership and Administration. CHAPTER 4: Budgeting. CHAPTER 5: Funding and Support. CHAPTER 6: Marketing. CHAPTER 7: Human Resources. CHAPTER 8: Strategic Planning. CHAPTER 9: Program Evaluation. CHAPTER 10: A Question of Character. CHAPTER 11: Scenarios, Role Plays, and Activities. About the Authors.