Rekindling Embers of the Soul

An Examination of Spirituality Issues Relating to Teacher Education

Edited by:
Miranda Lin, Illinois State University
Thomas A. Lucey, Illinois State University

A volume in the series: Chinese American Educational Research and Development Association Book Series. Editor(s): Guofang Wan, Loyola University Chicago.

Published 2023

This edited volume, Rekindling Embers of the Soul: An Examination of Spirituality Issues Relating to Teacher Education, fills the gap in scholarship by providing information about an understudied aspect of teacher education research. In an education environment that provides an increasing degree of standardization founded upon corporatized materialist values, the concept of spirituality and its importance in shaping the diverse identities of students and teachers becomes neglected. This volume offers ten chapters, which relate the spirituality to teacher education with regard to theory and research, instruction, and content. Both researchers and teachers will appreciate the insights that it offers.

Preface, Cheryl A. Torrez. Acknowledgments. Introduction, Miranda Lin and Thomas Lucey. PART I. Compassion and Transformational Pedagogy: A Reflexive Approach, Eilidh Lamb. The Many Ways to Talk About Spirit and Spirituality in Teacher Education: The Decolonizing Potential of Dialogues About Spirit, Shannon Leddy. The Electricity of the Religious Education Classroom: Lessons From Buber and Levinas, Mary Shanahan. The Woke Spirit: Teaching John Coltrane to Examine What Lives Inside, Susan Browne and Yvette Onofre. PART II. Enabling Those Becoming Teachers of Young Children to Nurture Spiritual Growth: Challenges, Dilemmas, and Opportunities, Tony Eaude. “Who Am I Now?”: Spirituality in a Faith-Based Teacher Education Program in Canada, Allyson Jule, Carolyn Kristjansson, Yu-Ling Lee, and Kevin Mirchandani. Connecting the Heart and Soul of Teaching Through Service-Learning, Vickie E. Lake, Ithel Jones, Christian Winterbottom, and Miranda Lin. Havens for Acceptance, Faith, and Affirmation: The Spiritual Dimension of Reflection in Teaching for Democracy, Rob Martinelle. Spiritual Expression in Historical Narration: Implications for History Teacher Education, Travis L. Seay. Spiritual Underpinnings of a Teacher Education Program, Ann Mary Roberts and Thomas Lucey. About the Authors.