Surmounting all Odds - Vol. 1&2

Equalizing Education Opportunities in the New Millennium (Vol 1 & 2)

Edited by:
Carol Camp Yeakey, Washington University - St. Louis
Ronald D. Henderson, National Education Association

A volume in the series: Research on African American Education. Editor(s): Carol Camp Yeakey, Washington University, St. Louis. Rowhea Medhat Elmesky, Washington University in St. Louis. Bronwyn Nichols Lodato, Washington University in St. Louis.

Published 2003

Preface, Carol Camp Yeakey and Ronald D. Henderson. Prologue: Seeking Truth in Research and Scholarship, Mkhululi David Graham DuBois. Introduction, Carol Camp Yeakey and Ronald D. Henderson. PART I: Historical and Contemporary Context. "Knowledge is Light, Knowledge is Power": African American Education in Antebellum America, Christopher M. Span. Curriculum, Culture, and Power: Reshaping the Education of African Americans, William H. Watkins. The Changing Faces of Education for African Americans after Brown: Equity, Excellence, Choice, Vouchers, and Privatization, Frank Brown. Language, Race, and Schooling: A Conceptual and Historical Legacy of Educational Language Policies and Politics Affecting the Ethnolinguistic Minority Child of African Descent, Rodney K. Hopson. Family and School Environments Working Together to Impact Academic Achievement in African American Adolescents, DeMarquis Hayes and Michael Cunningham. Battling before Birth: Institutionalized Barriers to the Health and Well-Being of African American Children, Jeanita W. Richardson. African American Violence Exposure: An Emerging Health Issue, Alvin L. Killough, Wendy L. Webster, Valerie B. Brown, Eric Houck, Christopher L. Edwards, and Patrick E. Logue. Dashed Hopes and Withered Dreams: Alternative School for Boys Who "Don't Fit In", Christopher Dunbar, Jr. and Reitumetse Obakeng Mabokela. From Classrooms to Cellblocks: African American Juveniles in the Justice System, Carol Camp Yeakey. Sports, Opportunities, and the American Dream: Athletic Investment and Mobility Aspirations of Ethnically Diverse High School Students, Amber Rodriguez and Jomills Henry Braddock II. "Leaving No Child Behind": Examining Issues of School Reform and Social Justice, Beverly D. Epps and Harriet R. Morrison. PART II: Teaching, Learning, and Achievement. Historical and Developmental Perspectives on Black Academic Achievement: Debunking the "Acting White" Myth and Posing New Directions for Research, Margaret Beale Spencer, William E. Cross, Jr., Vinay Harpalani, and Tyhesha N. Goss. The Imputation of Black Inferiority: Does It Contribute to the Achievement Gap?, Barbara A. Sizemore. The More Things Change. Trends in Identification with Academics among Minority Students from 1972-1992, Jason W. Osborne. One Size Does Not Fit All: An Examination of Issues in Enhancing the Academic Achievement of African American Pre-College Students, Diane S. Pollard and Olga M. Welch. Mining the Fields of Teacher Education: Preparing Teachers to Teach African American Children in Urban Schools, Patricia A. Edwards, Gwendolyn T. McMillon, and Clifford T. Bennett. Mentoring Adolescents At Risk or At Promise, Tammie M. Causey and Kassie reeman. Why Are There So Few African Americans in Gifted Education Programs?, Frank C. Worrell. The Disproportionality of African Americans in Special Education: An Enduring Threat to Equality and Opportunity, Audrey Davis McCray, Gwendolyn Webb-Johnson, and La Vonne I. Neal. The Dropout Rate among African American Males: A Policy Perspective, Richard R. Verdugo and Ronald D. Henderson. School A or School B? The Nexus between Race and School Choice, RoSusan D. Bartee, M. Christopher Brown II, and William T. Trent. A New Model for Governance in Big City School Districts, Richard C. Hunter, Frank Brown, and Susan Donahoo. PART III: Post-Secondary Schooling and Education. Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back: Campus Climate, Gender, and African American Representation in Higher Education, Gniesha Y. Dinwiddie and Walter R. Allen. Affirmative Action Attitudes of African American Community College Students: The Impact of Educational Aspirations, Self-Interest, and Racial Affect, Eboni M. Zamani. Challenging the Academic Divide: An Examination of Persistence Factors among Low-Income Students of Color, Eugene L. Anderson, Carol Camp Yeakey, Harriet R. Morrison, and Beverly D. Epps. Misrepresented and Misunderstood: Contemporary Dilemmas Facing HBCUs, Jeanita W. Richardson. Navigating the Shape of the River: Helping Black Students Succeed in Colleges and Universities, Joy L. Gaston. A Different World: The Social and Educational Objectives of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Before and After the Brown Decision, V.P. Franklin. When and Where We Enter: African American Students' Marginalization in the Context of a Predominantly White Multicultural Education Course, Heather M. Pleasants. The Importance of Increasing the Numbers of Individuals of Color to Enhance Cultural Responsiveness in Program Evaluation, Henry T. Frierson. Percentage Plans in Admissions: Redefining Access in American Higher Education in Texas, California, and Florida, Eugene L. Anderson. A Case for Race Consciousness, T. Alexander Aleinikoff.