Teaching About Social Justice Issues in Physical Education

Edited by:
Jennifer L. Walton-Fisette, Kent State University
Sue Sutherland, The Ohio State University
Joanne Hill, University of Bedfordshire

A volume in the series: Social Issues in Education Series. Editor(s): Todd S. Hawley, Kent State University.

Published 2019

Addressing social justice issues in a physical education context is necessary both at the higher education and PK-12 settings. Limited undergraduate and graduate programs educate their students about social justice issues, thus, resulting in licensed teachers who lack the content knowledge, comfort level and pedagogical tools on how to educate students about issues related to social justice. Grounded in the transformative pedagogy theoretical framework, this book will offer practical lessons and strategies on a wide variety of social issues (e.g., body, race, self-identity, immigration) that can be used in teacher education and the PK-12 setting. The goal is for teacher educators and practitioners to feel more comfortable with teaching about and for social justice and believe this resource will enhance their content and pedagogical knowledge in the quest to achieve that goal.

The purpose of this book is to provide physical education teacher educators and PK-12 physical education teachers with lesson plans and resources on how to address social justice issues in a physical education setting. This book will include sample lesson plans/activities that address a wide variety of social issues – the what, the how and the challenges and possibilities that the author(s) encountered when teaching such a lesson/activity. Addressing social justice issues has been limited in physical education, both in higher education and PK-12, especially in the United States. Numerous scholars, internationally, have engaged in research studies that explored how social justice issues are addressed in physical education teacher education. Although we have research to support the limitations and complexities of teaching about sociocultural issues and for social justice, a more practical resource for teacher educators and inservice teachers is needed.

The market for this book will be physical education teacher educators and PK-12 physical education teachers throughout the world.

Introduction, Jennifer L. Walton-Fisette. PART I. Five Principles of Transformative Pedagogies in PETE, Rod Philpot and Alan Ovens. Taking Action for Change: (Participatory) Action Research and Social Justice Education, Joanne Hill. PART II. Accessing Pre-Service Teachers’ Self-Identity through Critical Reflection, Jennifer L. Walton-Fisette and Sue Sutherland. Laying the Foundation for Social Justice in Physical Education: Exploring Self-identity, Sue Sutherland and Jennifer L. Walton-Fisette. Challenging Bullying: Lessons from Adventure-based Learning, Sue Sutherland. Real Jocks Can't Dance: Aesthetic Pedagogical Disruptions of Body Work in Physical Education, Louise McCuaig and Karen Shelley. All Kinds of Strong: Disrupting Dominant Discourses of Fitness within Elementary School Physical Education, Mara Simon and Shrehan Lynch. Universal Design for Learning in Physical Education: Strategies for PETE, Ali Brian and Sally Taunton. A Socially Just (Different)ability Curriculum Idea in Physical Education, Shrehan Lynch. Empowering English Language Learners in physical education: Using "Sight and Action", Brian Culp. Using children's cultural experiences and traditions to add meaning and relevance to PE teaching in the primary age range, Sarah Hill and Joanna Sweeney. What We Talk About When We Talk About Gender: Constructing and Deconstructing Gender through Physical Education Teacher Education, Leigh Sperka, Rachel O’Brien, and Eimear Enright. Reflections on and Strategies to Create Gender Parity in Physical Education Lessons, Alexandra Baird. Indigeneity and Physical Education: Culturally Relevant and Socially Just Possibilities, Daniel B. Robinson and Kate Jadis. Equality and Diversity in Teacher Education: Developing an Understanding of Race and Ethnicity in the Classroom, Jason Arday. Strategies and Lessons in Physical Education Related to Race, Julie Fimusanmi. Welcoming (Students’) God(s) into the Gymnasium: PETE Possibilities for Introducing Religiosity and/or Spirituality into Physical Education, Daniel Robinson and Lynn Randall. Having Faith in Religion and/or Spirituality within Physical Education, Sam Zanini. ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow…’: Queer(y)ing Physical Education Teacher Education, Leanne Coll. Disrupting the Heteronormative and Homophobic Culture Within Physical Education: Creating Inclusive Spaces in the Gymnasium, Rachel Harrison and Charlotte Shipley. Teaching Pre-service Teachers About Socioeconomic Status, Sara Flory. A Sport Activist Model of Working With Youth from Socially Vulnerable Backgrounds, Carla Luguetti and Kim Oliver. PART III. Creating a Social Just and Equitable Curriculum in Physical Education, Jennifer L Walton-Fisette, Sue Sutherland, and Joanne Hill. Critical Sport Pedagogy in Pre-PETE Courses, Michelle Flemons. Student-Centered Inquiry as Curriculum in Physical Education Teacher Education, Kim Oliver and Carla Luguetti.