Teaching-Based Interactions During Teacher Induction

A Global Perspective

Edited by:
Jian Wang, Texas Tech University

A volume in the series: Teacher Induction Research, Policy, and Practice: A Global Perspective. Editor(s): Jian Wang, Texas Tech University.

Call for Book Chapters

Teaching-Based Interactions during Teacher Induction: A Global Perspective is the second book in the book series, Teacher Induction Research, Policy, and Practice Series, to be published by Information Age Publishing. The book is devoted to analyzing teaching-based teacher interactions during teacher induction in various countries, focusing on its focuses, patterns, functions, and influential factors.

The book is proposed based on the assumption that teaching-based teacher interaction during teacher induction is one of the important and direct channels to offer professional support for beginning teachers to learn to teach effectively and, thus, improve their students' learning in their beginning teachers' classrooms. Such interactions include those between beginning teachers and their mentors and/or between them and their colleagues, which have been developed in various countries guided by different policy initiatives, adapted to different needs of school contexts, using different forms, and following different assumptions of teacher learning and professional development. However, research on teacher-based interactions focusing on beginning teachers' learning to teach in different countries or from a comparative perspective has not been well developed in the literature on teacher induction, especially those studies focusing on teaching-based interaction focuses, processes, functions, and influential factors during induction. Without a careful analysis of these focuses, processes, functions, and influential factors as its base, teacher induction policies, programs, and practices can be effectively developed and implemented to help beginning teachers learn to teach well and, thus, improve their students' learning.

The book editor calls for chapters from scholars or professional researchers from different countries to analyze teaching-based interactions involving beginning teachers. Each chapter is an empirical study using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods, which will be not more than 8000 words following APA 7 style. It will include the chapter’s focus, theoretical framework, empirical bases, methodology, findings, discussions, conclusion, and implications. In each chapter, the analysis will focus on the following aspects of teaching-based interactions in a country and/or from a comparative perspective:

• Focuses and attention on beginning teachers’ teaching-based interactions in specific content area(s) at particular grade levels(s).

• Patterns and processes of beginning teachers’ teaching-based interactions in the specific content area(s) at particular grade levels(s).

• Relationship between the teaching-based interactions during induction and the relevant induction policy, program, and/or school administrations.

• Associations between the teaching-based interactions during induction and the relevant teaching cultures, organizations, and/or nature of the student. Populations.

• Impact of beginning teachers' professional training, knowledge, dispositions, experiences, and/or relationships on their teaching-based interactions during the induction.

• Influences of beginning teachers' teaching-based interactions on their teaching knowledge, dispositions, and in the particular content area(s) at the specific grade level(s).

• Effects of beginning teachers' practices developed through their teaching-based interactions on student learning skills or competencies, dispositions or beliefs, and/or performances in particular content area(s) at specific grade level(s).

If you are interested in contributing a chapter to the book, please send a 500-word chapter description about how you will cover the above focuses in your chapter and a 100-word self-description for each author of the proposed chapter, including 1) expertise and research interests, 2) affiliation, and 3) contact information to the email:, by November 1, 2023. You will be informed of the decision about whether your proposed chapter will be included in the book by December 1, 2023.

The book is expected to be published at the end of 2024 by Information Age Publishing. It will start with the book editor's overview of the book and its intention, followed by chapters devoted to analyzing teacher interactions in different countries grouped under each focus listed above. Ultimately, an eminent scholar in teacher induction will critically analyze all the chapters from a comparative perspective to offer the scholarship, policy, and practice implications. The book is expected to attract readers like scholars, policymakers, practitioners, and graduate students in different countries interested in research, policy, and practices of teacher interactions during induction. For more information, contact Jian Wang at

For more information, contact Jian Wang at

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