The Art and Science of Mentoring

A Festschrift in Honor of Dr. Frances Kochan

Edited by:
Ellen H. Reames, Auburn University
Linda J. Searby, University of Florida

Published 2021

The Art and Science of Mentoring is a collection of chapters and vignettes that honors one of the leading experts of mentoring, Fran Kochan. Her amazing role of being able to blend theory and practice in regards to mentoring is captured in these pages. As one prote ge said, “She practices what she preaches.”

The volume is divided into an introduction, Part II, which explores important concepts and ideas in regards to mentoring and then Part III which are essays from individuals whom Fran Kochan mentored throughout her life.

In closing, Fran Kochan lives and breathes her words. Even today, she continues to work with scholars, practitioners and others she meets. She offers a guiding hand, she uplifts and she supports all that she meets. Please enjoy this volume of highlights of research from top mentoring experts who are peers of Dr. Kochan, as well as the tributes from a sampling of individuals she has mentored to successful careers. You will be inspired to learn how Dr. Fran Kochan masters both the art and science of mentoring. We honor her in this book as scholar, mentor, and friend.

PART I: INTRODUCTION, PURPOSE, AND PERSONAL TRIBUTES. Foreword: Honoring Dr. Frances K. Kochan, Carol A. Mullen. Prologue: The Constellations, Ellen H. Reames. PART II: THE ART AND SCIENCE OF MENTORING: CONCEPTS AND RESEARCH. The Art and Science of Mentoring, Tammy D. Allen and Lillian T. Eby. Wait. What? Looking Back/Moving Forward, Lois Zachary. Behind the Questions, Bob Garvey. Bringing Mentoring ONSIDE: Averting Judgementoring and Enhancing the Professional Learning, Development, and Well-Being of Teachers, Andrew J. Hobson. A Work of A.R.T.: Advocacy, Responsiveness, and Transformation, Angel Miles Nash and Michelle D. Young. Creating and Facilitating Co-Mentoring Circles: A Guide, Kathleen M. Cowin. The Future of Mentoring, David Clutterbuck. PART III: THE ART OF MENTORING: THEORY TO PRACTICE. Prologue: A Tribute to Dr. Kochan, the Model Mentor, Sydney Freeman, Jr. Mentored in Authorship, Mary Barbara Trube. Mentored in Career Development, Sheila Moore. Mentored in Self-Efficacy, Maysaa Barakat. Mentored in Skill Development, Jason C. Bryant. Mentored Through Sponsorship, Dana M. Griggs. Mentored in Research, Bill Bergeron. Mentored in Dual Commitments, Virginia R. Knight. Mentored Through Wholeness, Mirna I. Ramos-Diaz. Mentored in the Academy, Amy Serafini. Epilogue: Frances K. Kochan and Her Place in the Constellation of the Mentoring World, Linda Searby. Biographies.

"I recommend this book to graduate students in need of inspiration of how effective mentoring can transform people. The book is also suitable to mentoring scholars who will benefit from the nuggets of knowledge presented in the book that will get you thinking (it did me). The book is also a good reference for the latest trends and research on mentoring. Like Kochan, the book is unique in its readability and inclusion of scholarship and inspiration." Laura Lunsford Campbell University in International Journal of Mentoring (Read full review)