The Cruciform Faculty

The Making of a Christian Professor

Mark H. Heinemann, Dallas Theological Seminary
James R. Estep, Lincoln Christian University
Mark A. Maddix, Point Loma Nazarene University
Octavio J. Esqueda, Biola University

Published 2016

How do Christian higher education institutions orient new faculty members to their role on a Christian campus? How do they lead faculty members toward a deeper understanding of the Christian dimension of their place in higher education? Bible Colleges, Christian Universities, and Seminaries need a resource that can be provided to faculty members or be used in faculty development discussions.

This book is designed to serve as just such a resource. It provides a clear and concise portrait of the general role of faculty from a distinctively evangelical Christian perspective. We use the metanarrative of being formed by the cross to describe the “cruciform” role of professors as teachers in the classroom, mentors to the students, scholars within the academy, and servants of the church and community. Each chapter will have personal and group reflection questions and exercises to aid in application.

Foreword: David S. Dockery. Introduction: Mark H. Heinemann, James R. Estep Jr., Mark A. Maddix, and Octavio J. Esqueda. CHAPTER I: The Professor as Christian, James R. Estep Jr. CHAPTER II: The Professor as Teacher, Octavio J. Esqueda. CHAPTER III: The Professor as Scholar, James R. Estep Jr. CHAPTER IV: The Professor as Mentor, Mark H. Heinemann. CHAPTER V: The Professor as Servant, Mark A. Maddix. About the Authors.