Utilize Motivation to Fulfill Potentials

Tips for Teaching and Learning

Dennis M. McInerney, The Education University of Hong Kong
Rebecca Wing-yi Cheng, Hong Kong Institute of Education
Miranda Po-yin Lai, Hong Kong Institute of Education

Published 2010

A key factor in successful learning at all ages is a learner's motivation. The ability to facilitate student motivation is central to successful teaching, particularly when students aren't intrinsically interested in learning. This book is a practical guide to motivating younger and older learners. It looks at why some students are easier to motivate than others, and why students may lose motivation as they become older. The authors outline strategies that teachers and other educators can use to enhance student motivation. The book is richly illustrated with vignettes and case studies, and includes questions and exercises to help teachers apply the suggested approach in their own situations.

Introduction. Chapter 1. Motivation and Learning. Chapter 2. What’s In It for Me? Chapter 3. Why Should I Do It? You Can’t Make Me Do It! Chapter 4. Shooting for Goals. Chapter 5. I Feel Good About Myself. Chapter 6. Why Did I Fail? Chapter 7. Stars, Stamps, and Jelly Beans (or Treat Them Like Animals). Chapter 8. But I Teach Well, Don’t I? Recommended Reading and References.

"Professors McInerney, Cheng and Lai use the most appropriate classroom examples to explain recent motivation theories. This practical little book provides effective instructional guidelines for experienced teachers, those who are planning to join the teaching career and the parents who care about the learning of their children. It will also be of great value to sports coaches, school psychologists, school counselors and social workers, and all professionals who work with students at all levels. I highly recommend this book to you." Professor Kit-tai Hau The Chinese University of Hong Kong