Teacher Militancy, Activism, and School Reform

Edited by:
Diana D'Amico

A volume in the series: Research in Education Policy: Local, National, and Global Perspectives. Editor(s): Kenneth K. Wong, Brown University.

From West Virginia to California, in blue states and red, urban centers and rural outposts, teachers have walked out of the nation’s public schools. Even as the strikes call attention to the diversity and idiosyncrasy of public schooling in the United States, critical commonalities cut across the work stoppages. Alongside traditional bread and butter salary demands, America’s teachers have mobilized at the local and state levels to call for school reform like smaller class sizes, counselors, and new funding formulas in the name of social justice. This resurgence of teacher militancy has unfolded against the backdrop of grassroots activism sweeping the nation as communities, parents, and teachers situate calls for change within the Black Lives Matter Movement and #MeToo.

This volume offers an interdisciplinary exploration of the state of modern teachers unions and the connections between militancy, activism, and school reform. A series of fundamental questions orient the book and unify the chapters:

> What are the connections between union militancy, grassroots activism, and school reform?

> How can we make sense of this moment of teacher militancy? Where did it come from and what does it mean? Is this a new moment or part of a broader historical legacy?

> What are the effects of this wave of teacher militancy and activism on school reform?

> In what ways, if any, have local- and state-level labor skirmishes effected student performance, funding, class size, community relationships, and the role of teachers?

The introduction of the book, written by volume editor Diana D’Amico, will paint a vivid picture of the state of teacher unions; discuss the themes of militancy, activism, and school reform; frame overarching questions; and introduce the interdisciplinary approach and individual chapters. The book will be divided into three sections: Section 1: Teacher Professionalism and Unionism; Section 2: Teachers' Voices and Social Justice; Section 3: New Activism and Militancy.

New Proposed Timeline:
October 15, 2019: First Draft of All Chapters
December 15, 2019: Chapters Receive Blind External Review
February 15, 2020: Revised Chapters Due
April 15, 2020: Submission of Final Manuscript to Publisher