Where Culture and Mind Meet

Principles for a Dynamic Cultural Psychology

Edited by:
Brady Wagoner, Aalborg University
Kevin Carriere, Washington & Jefferson College

A volume in the series: Niels Bohr Professorship Lectures in Cultural Psychology. Editor(s): Brady Wagoner, Aalborg University. Nandita Chaudhary, University of Delhi. Pernille Hviid, University of Copenhagen.

Published 2021

Cultural psychology explores the mutual constitution of persons-minds and socialcultural worlds. It aims to be both transdisciplinary and international in its approach, and to develop theoretical models that remain faithful to people’s lived experiences.

This volume further advances these objectives through an exploration of core concepts (especially, normativity, liminality, and resistance), cultural psychology’s foundations in philosophy, and the translation of theory into a methodology for investigating distinctly human ways of relating to the world.

Introduction. PART I: NIELS BOHR LECTURE. Cultural Psychologies and New General Psychology, Jaan Valsiner. PART II: NORMATIVITY, RESISTANCE, AND CHANGE. Sources of Normativity: Overview of Work in Progress, Svend Brinkmann. Normativity Through Language and Communication, Ivana Marková. Psychology, Normativity, and Revolution, Fathali M. Moghaddam, Margaret J. Hendricks, and Kevin R. Carriere. Theoretical Integration, Conceptual Differentiation, and the Scientific Imagination, Tania Zittoun and Alex Gillespie. PART III: PHILOSOPHICAL BACKGROUND OF CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY. The Dual Program of Cultural Psychology, Carlos Cornejo. Conceptual Origins of Cultural Psychology: A Historical Reconstruction of the Role of Subjectivity, Sven Hroar Klempe. Categorial Linkages and Triadic Correlations, Robert E. Innis. PART IV: METHODOLOGICAL THINKING IN CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY. Beyond Methods to Open-Systemic Methodology in Contemporary Cultural Psychologies, Jaan Valsiner. The Closure of Open Systems and Cultural Psychology, Sergio Salvatore. Self and Dialogical Multiplication in Contexts of Cultural Complexity, Danilo Silva Guimarães. The Cultural Psychology of Treat, Kevin R. Carriere. PART V: CONCLUDING RESPONSE. Normativity, Counter-Normativity, and the Sign That Follows: Why Cultural Psychology Prevails, Jaan Valsiner. About the Editors.