Who Are You Without Colonialism?

Pedagogies of Liberation

Edited by:
Clelia O. Rodríguez, SEEDS for Change and University of Toronto
Josephine Gabi, Manchester Metropolitan University

A volume in the series: Curriculum and Pedagogy. Editor(s): The Curriculum and Pedagogy Group.

Published 2023

This is not a conventional book because the seed comes from the depth of the volcanic cauldron that awaits silently underneath the Lake Ilopango, the umbilical cord of our Humanity and yours. It is a scream, it is an offering, it is pain and it is love. It is a collective offering to those who are responding to a call of Liberation based on Indigenous Principles to protect and defend the land beyond theories, beyond rhetorical and metaphorical questions. This is a tiny-tiny glimpse into Lak'ech.

A living testament that today, there are people buried on sand, on water, on air, on blood, among carcasses of bodies eaten by vultures—literally and metaphorically—a living testament of open wounds that heal and are traumatized again and again because you, the reader, the listener, the writer, the transcriber, the colonizer, the upholder of patriarchy and caste and class, the translator and the guardian of the door of the Master's House refuse to listen politically.

The Fading Echoes of ‘Decolonising Education’, Josephine Gabi. Cintli. Chihera Shava Mhofu: Libation Offering to Ancestors, Faith Mkwesha. I Am Who I Am, Pamela Lynn Chrisjohn. Dai pasina hupambepfumi ndiri ani? Josephine Gabi. Land/Home Dreaming, Glenda Mejía. The Night I Fell Into the Stars, Mary Chakasim. Who Are You Without Colonialism? Jihan Thomas. Within the Me, Anthony C. Guerra. Time Immemorial, Amanda Buffalo. Liberation, C.K. Samuels. A Love Letter to Myself, Jackie Lee. Shauna Landsberg, Shauna Landsberg. Unscripted, Künsang. Moons o o o o o o o o o o o o o, Danielle Denichaud. Without Colonialism I Am, Ram Trikha. The Body is an Altar Unaltered, Hope Kitts. Deadlines / Dead-Lines / Đe t-Lai. Đet-Lai /Dead-Lines / Deadlines, Trung M. Nguyen. Que sería yo y este mundo sin la Colonizacion, Odaymar Cuesta. Unrooting the Colonial Seed, Karthik Vigneswaran. Tracing the Root, Unearthing the Wound Shadow-Work as Pedagogical Training, Zahra Komeylian. without colonialism, Aquib Shaheed Yacoob. Remnants of the In-Between, Anthazia Kadir. BlaC Altar, Kay Williams. ... walking the forgotten path..., Miryam Espinosa-Dulanto. A Micro-Essay on the "Micro-Essays on Poetics," Octavio Quintanilla. I’m a Coast Salish Punjabi Settler and I am Not Okay, Sonia Das. ... : I am you : past : present : future: You are me: lak’ech : .... Clelia O. Rodríguez. Bios/Statements From Contributors.