Writing for Educators

Personal Essays and Practical Advice

Edited by:
Karen Bromley, Binghamton University

Published 2009

This book is for new faculty, graduate students, teachers, administrators, and other academics who want to write more clearly and have their work published. The essays focus on writing journal articles, dissertations, grants, edited books, and other writing in educational settings. The authors are educators who share their own first-hand experiences that provide novice writers with important knowledge and support in the quest for success in professional scholarly writing. A variety of authors discuss the writer’s craft, including issues of voice, audience, planning, drafting, revision, conventions, style, submitting to journals, editorial review, and editing.

Introduction. SECTION I: FINDING YOUR VOICE. What? Me Write? Six Reasons to Write for Publication, James J. Carpenter. Finding Ideas and Developing the Confidence to Write for Publication, Chris Pescatore. Writing-to-Learn: Understanding What You Know, Maureen Boyd. Reading as a Way to Develop a Writing Identity, Nicholas Paley. SECTION II: WRITING AN ARTICLE OR DISSERTATION. From Idea to Printed Page, Marilyn Tallerico. Writing to be Read: Clarity and Power in Scholarly Writing, C. Beth Burch. Creating a Corpus: Writing to Shape Practice, Beverly Rainforth. Nine Notes From a Novice: Publishing a Teaching Idea, Margaret Golden. Writing With Publication in Mind, Joan Bouza Koster. Completing a Dissertation in Just Over Two Years, Holly Hansen Thomas. Four children and a dissertation, Sandi Graham. SECTION III: REVIEWS, REVISING, AND EDITING. Surviving the Review Process: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, Jenny Gordon. Rethink, Rewrite, Revise: Mining the Gold, Heather Sheridan-Thomas. Revising for Successful Publication, Mitch Rosenwald. Editing a Book: Nine Questions and Some Answers, Karen Bromley. An Editor’s Perspective on the Importance of Style, Jean Schmittau. SECTION IV: GRANT WRITING. Writing a Grant Proposal, Karen Bromley. Grant writing for Teachers, Pat Krizan. The Collaborative Grant Development Process, Allison Alden. SECTION V: OTHER WRITING IN EDUCATIONAL SETTINGS. On-Demand Writing by Administrators, Carol Stark. A Principal’s Writing Experiences, Doug Green. My Surprising Life as an Author, Jo Malin. Appendices: A - Quotes About Writing. B - Forming a Writing Group. C - Leads. D - Feedback on Manuscripts. E - PQS (Praise, Question , Suggest). F - A Writing Rubric. G - Sample Cover Letter. H - Manuscript Tracking Form. I - Annotated Bibliography of Books for Administrators. J - Annotated Bibliography of Books for Academics. About the Authors.