History and Society: Integrating social, political and economic sciences

This new book series will include monographs and volumes to build integrated new knowledge through connections between history and its neighboring social sciences. Human relations are hard to come to grips with, as these involves mutually linked between three levels of organization. Historical events are created by persons (psychological - micro level) in the societal contexts (sociological - mezzo level) within the economic and political frame (macro level). History as discipline needs unity of different sciences. If one wants to understand and explain a phenomenon, an event, two, three or more approaches, disciplines, are necessary. Undoubtedly, a mono-disciplinary approach makes good sense in some cases, but not in all. Although most, if not all academics, would agree in the virtues of a multi- or interdisciplinary approach we also recognize that it is no easy approach, neither in carrying it out nor in publishing the result. Concerning the latter, the majority of academic institutions still prefer very traditional, mono-disciplinary structures, making it hard to publish high level, interdisciplinary research. With this series, History and Society, Information Age Publishers is here taking a concrete step to overcome this deficit and to facilitate the publication of interdisciplinary research on the highest level.

If you consider publishing an interdisciplinary manuscript, we encourage you to contact one or all of the editors of this series:

Jaan Valsiner, Professor of Cultural Psychology, Aalborg University:

Søren Dosenrode, Jean Monnet Professor of European Politics, Aalborg University:

Mario Carretero, Professor of Education at FLACSO-Argentina and Autonoma University of Madrid: e-mail