The Development of Social Knowledge

Towards a Cultural-individual Dialectic

Edited by:
José Antonio Castorina, University of Buenos Aires
Alicia Barreiro, University of Buenos Aires; FLACSO-Argentina; CONICET, and UBA

A volume in the series: History and Society: Integrating social, political and economic sciences. Editor(s): Jaan Valsiner, Niels Bohr Professor of Cultural Psychology, Aalborg University. Søren Dosenrode, Aalborg University. Mario Carretero, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Published 2023

The result of a deep research work sustained for more than two decades, this book studies the construction of social knowledge from a constructivist perspective inherited from Piagetian thought. It thus advances in a process of revision and discussion, while maintaining crucial aspects of this current for the approach to the construction of the subject and the object of knowledge, in the search for the elaboration of an explanatory theory for the formation of new knowledge. A collaborative proposal between different disciplines of potential interest for the different actors who study and intervene in this field.

Introduction: The Development of Social Knowledge: Towards a Cultural-Individual Dialectic, José Antonio Castorina and Alicia Barreiro. The Concept of Epistemic Frame: Variety of Applications and Challenges, Gastón Becerra and José Antonio Castorina. Historical Conditions of Knowledge Construction: A Foucauldian Perspective, Tomas Baquero Cano. Uses and Meanings of “Context” in Studies on Children’s Knowledge: A Viewpoint From Anthropology and Constructivist Psychology, Mariana García Palacios, Paula Shabel, Axel Horn, and José Antonio Castorina. The Contribution of Social Representations Theory to the Study of Moral Development, José Antonio Castorina and Alicia Barreiro. Dialectical Inferences in the Ontogenesis of Social Representations, Alicia Barreiro and José Antonio Castorina. Representation and Silencing of Social Meanings in Cartography: The Case of the Conquest of the Desert, Cristian Parellada, José Antonio Castorina, and Alicia Barreiro. Cognitive Polyphasia, Social Representations and Political Participation in Adolescents, Daniela Bruno and Alicia Barreiro. The Government, the President, and the Police: Politics According to Children Living in a Squatted House, Paula Nurit Shabel. The Right to Privacy in Secondary School: Ideas of Adolescents, Mariela Helman, Axel Horn, and José Antonio Castorina. Biographies.