Technology and Assessment

The Tale of Two Interpretations

Edited by:
Michael Russell, Boston College

A volume in the series: Research, Innovation & Methods in Educational Technology. Editor(s): Chrystalla Mouza, University of Delaware. Nancy C. Lavigne, University of Delaware.

Published 2006

Together, the words technology and assess-ment have different meaning for different people. Those who work with educational or instructional technology take these words to mean assessing the impacts of technology on teaching and learning. Test developers and psychometricians, however, consider ways in which computer-based technologies can be used to enhance current approaches to student assessment. This book examines technology and assessment from both perspectives by examining past, current and promising methodol-ogies and applications in both fields. The influences instructional uses of technology and the increasing reliance on testing to gauge student and school performance have on one another are also explored. The book concludes by describing an organizational structure that could bring instructional applications of technology and assessment practices into closer alignment.

Preface. Chapter 1: Technology and Assessment: Different Meaning for Different People. Chapter 2: Assessing Technology: An Overview of the Past Two Decades. Chapter 3: Assessing Technology: Challenges to Assessing Technology. Chapter 4: Assessing Technology: Promising Practices. Chapter 5: Technology and Student Assessment: An Overview of the Past Four Decades. Chapter 6: Technology and Student Assessment: Challenges to Assessment and Accountability. Chapter 7: Technology and Student Assessment: The Promise of Tomorrow's Assessments. Chapter 8: Intersections: Influence of Assessment on Instructional Uses of Technology. Chapter 9: Intersections: Influences of Instructional Uses of Technology and Student Assessment. Chapter 10: Intersections: Bringing Educational Technology and Educational Assessment into Closer Alignment.