Online Professional Development for Teachers

Edited by:
Charalambos Vrasidas, Centre for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology
Gene V Glass, Arizona State University

A volume in the series: Current Perspectives on Applied Information Technologies. Editor(s): Gene V Glass, Arizona State University. Charalambos Vrasidas, Centre for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology.

Published 2006

Issues and Trends, Charalambos Vrasidas & Gene V Glass. Online Conferences for Professional Development, Terry Anderson and Jo-An Christiansen. Developing Teacher Knowledge and Pedagogy in a Large-Scale, Electronic Conference Environment, Jenny Leach, Bob McCormick, Bob Moon, & David Harrison. A Computer-Mediated Community of Learners in Teacher Education, Carol Greene and Susan Magliaro. Faculty Incentives and Development for Online Learning, Susan Haag, Leah Folkestad, and Suzanne Dietrich. Science Inquiry in the Online Environment, Wynne Harlen and Susan Doubler. Emerging and Experienced Professional Selves in Cyber Discourse, Irit Kupferberg and Miriam Ben Peretz. The MEPP Faculty Experience, Greg Kearsley. Using Web-Based Pedagogical Tools to Support Student Self-Regulation, Anastasia Kitsantas and Nada Dabbagh. Technology Enhancements Across Cultures in Higher Education, Madeline Burgess, Jan Currie, and Dorit Maor. Online Professional Development of Teachers through the Schools Around the World (SAW) Program, May-hung Cheng, Carol Stoel, and Erma Anderson. Preparing Teachers for e-Teaching via e-Learning, Michal Zellermayer, Nili Mor, and Ida Heilweil. Opportunities with e-Learning: Changing Teachers' Pedagogies, Dorit Maor. Applying Progressive Educational Principles Online, Carla Payne. A Pioneers’ View on Teachers’ Professional Development, Sanne Akkerman, Ineke Lam, and Wilfried Admiraal. A Peer-Learning Community Model for Professional Development, Xun Ge and Scot McAdoo. Shifting the Teaching Paradigm, Rigmor George, Denise Wood, and Dale Wache. Understanding Cognitive Transactions in Teaching and Learning within Virtual Communities, Neil Schwartz and Maria Beatrice Ligorio. Developing Online Teacher Video Cases for Learning Technology Integration, Wilhelmina Savenye, Thomas Brush, James Middleton, Ann Igoe, & Terri Kurz.