A Place For Teacher Renewal

Challenging the Intellect, Creating Educational Reform

Edited by:
Anthony G. Rud Jr.
Walter P. Oldendorf

Published 2008

Originally Published with Teachers College Press in 1992

Foreword by Maxine Greene

Are teachers ever given the credit and respect they deserve? Is there a place where they can go to be treated as intelligent professionals rather than as underpaid tools of school administrations or the government? For some teachers the answer to these questions is, finally, yes! The focus of A Place for Teacher Renewal is the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching, a statefunded university-based program, located in the Western North Carolina mountains, and designed to renew and retain teachers of all kinds. As an exemplary teacher renewal and staff development program, NCCAT strengthens teachers' commitment to their practice by offering outstanding teachers the opportunity for intensive personal investigation into topics inside or outside of their specialties. This hands-on study—extensive, concrete, and engaging—is just what many teachers need. After the tediousness and hectic pace of classroom life, they need a chance to use their intellect just for themselves. Teachers given a chance to express their full adult selves, a chance to be renewed by intellectual challenge, a chance to be valued as competent professionals, are more likely to stay in the profession. Chapters provide the reader with an historical perspective on the Center, arguments for the rationale of the Center, an overview of the programs offered, the roles of administration and evaluation in the creation and continued success of the Center, and NCCAT’s future role in teacher renewal. Many chapters are written by NCCAT staff members, all of whom are also experienced educators. A foreword by Maxine Greene and a chapter by Gary Griffin, as respected educators not affiliated with NCCAT, offer objective and very supportive comments on an idea, and a program, that is long overdue. Staff developers and anyone interested in teacher retention and renewal will find this case study of the finest teacher renewal program in the nation to be an invaluable resource.

"...a book that needs to be read not only by people responsible for assisting educators in moving their practice forward but by policy makers as well.... challenges the reader to rethink the role of a quality teacher in moving student achievement forward. It is a story of vision, creative thinking, and commitment grounded in the thoughts of a practicing classroom teacher." Kathleen Wiebke in Education Review