A Reader of Narrative and Critical Lenses on Intercultural Teaching and Learning

Edited by:
Candace Schlein, University of Missouri‐Kansas City
Barbara Garii, St. Joseph's College Brooklyn

A volume in the series: Research for Social Justice: Personal~Passionate~Participatory Inquiry. Editor(s): Ming Fang He, Georgia Southern University. JoAnn Phillion, Purdue University.

Published 2016

It has become increasingly critical for both novice and experienced educators to bring to their diverse classrooms a set of dispositions, skills, and experiences that will enhance learning for all students, especially pupils from diverse cultural and language backgrounds. Intercultural teaching experiences offer opportunities for teachers and student teachers to learn about cultures and cultures of schooling via first‐hand interactions. In this way, intercultural teaching enables educators to intertwine the personal, political, cultural, social, theoretical, and practical as a means of making important changes in school and classroom life.

A Reader on Narrative and Critical Lenses of Intercultural Teaching and Learning offers readers a set of chapters that highlights the work of researchers, educators, and teacher educators that displays new possibilities for ongoing teacher development and positive social and educational changes. This book engages in critical and narrative exploration of intercultural teaching, intercultural competence, and the relationship between the work of educators in different countries and teaching for diversity. This text also accounts for international, intra‐cultural, and intercultural teaching beyond early field experiences and student teaching programs by including the viewpoints of educators with these experiences. Significantly, this book enhances the current dialogue on intercultural teaching and on intercultural competence with first‐hand narrative accounts of life, teaching, and research in intercultural professional settings in order to bring to light intricate understandings of this form of educator professional development. In addition, this text critically unpacks aspects of intercultural teacher development and programs supporting such endeavors as they explicitly enhance educators’ capacities for personal, passionate, and participatory teaching and inquiry.

Acknowledgements. Foreword: Shaping Intercultural Narrative and Critical Lenses, Candace Schlein and Barbara Garii. SECTION I: INTERNATIONALIZATION OF TEACHER PREPARATION. Study Abroad and Coloniality: Postglobal Teacher Educator Reflections, Jubin Rahatzad, Hannah L. Dockrill, and JoAnn Phillion. Intercultural Teaching and Learning Through Study Abroad: Pedagogies of Discomfort, Oppositional Consciousness and Bridgework for Equity and Social Justice in Education, Suniti Sharma. It Takes a Global Village: The Design of an Internship‐Based Teacher Education Study Abroad Program, Helen A. Marx and David M. Moss. SECTION II: EXPANDED INTERCULTURAL UNDERSTANDINGS OF PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS AND ACCREDITATION STANDARDS. Advancing the Internationalization of Teacher Education and Social Justice: The Critical Role of Professional Associations and Their Members, Jennifer Mahon. Where Do We Go From Here?: Unintended Consequences of the Educational Reform Agenda and the Diminution of Global Opportunities in Teacher Preparation Programs, Barbara Garii. SECTION III: EDUCATORS’ AND TEACHER EDUCATORS’ INTERCULTURAL EXPERIENCES. Finding Their Voice: Immigrant Teacher Experiences in the U.S. Classroom, Supriya Baily, Dawn Hathaway, Margo E. Isabel, and Maria Katradis. Understanding the Global in Teacher Education and Curriculum: Teaching and Learning Across Cultural Boundaries, David M. Callejo Pérez and Ervin F. Sparapani. Transnational Adoption and the Implications of Social‐Political History: Connection to Education and Social Justice, Kimberly J. Langrehr. Narrative and Critical Explorations of Voice in Intercultural Experiences, Elaine Chan and Candace Schlein. SECTION IV: TECHNOLOGY AS A TOOL FOR INTERNATIONAL AND INTERCULTURAL TEACHER PREPARATION. Shaping a Global Perspective: Digital Storytelling and Intercultural Teaching and Learning, Martha R. Green, Lynne Masel Walters, and Tim Walters. “Inside People Are All the Same”: A Narrative Study of an Intercultural Project With UAE and U.S. Preservice Teachers, Patience A. Sowa and Cynthia Schmidt.