AI Smart Kit

Agile Decision-Making on AI (Abridged Version)

Melodena Stephens, Mohammed Bin Rashid School of Government
Himanshu Vashishtha, SixthFactor Consulting

Published 2021

There are many myths about Artificial Intelligence (AI) relating to what it is and what it can and cannot do. The people making decisions on AI projects are often not technologically savvy and unable to find easy answers. The spending on and the returns from AI projects are not necessarily straightforward. Part of the reason for this is the lack of understanding of the impact of critical decision criteria. AI touches on many ethical concepts - data privacy, validity, and, more importantly, its potential misuse. AI often replaces human decision-making, as managers do not clearly understand the implications of those choices. This book provides an easy and accessible guide for practitioners without a technological background to understand AI. It guides the reader through the fundamental issues confronting decision-makers. It offers advice on ‘how to ask relevant questions’ using the 15 decision scales. There is currently no comparable book on the market that acts as a pocketbook management reference guide for the AI layman.

What is AI? AI Manager’s Dilemma. AI Smart Kit Scales. Scale 1: AI Expertise Level. Scale 2: AI Interoperability Level. Scale 3: AI and Global Embeddedness. Scale 4: AI Data Types. Scale 5: AI Data Management. Scale 6: AI and Human Teams. Scale 7: AI and Human Productivity. Scale 8: AI Onboarding. Scale 9: AI and the Sensory Experience. Scale 10: AI and the Human Interface. Scale 11: AI and Regulations. Scale 12: AI and IP. Scale 13: AI and Impact on Sustainable Development. Scale 14: AI and Accountability. Scale 15: AI and Crises.