Anti-Blackness and Public Schools in the Border South

Policy, Politics, and Protest in St. Louis, 1865-1972

Claude Weathersby
Matthew D. Davis, University of Missouri-St. Louis

A volume in the series: History of Education. Editor(s): R. Eric Platt, Sam Houston State University.

Published 2019

This new book on Black public schooling in St. Louis is the first to fully explore deep racialized antagonisms in St. Louis, Missouri. It accomplishes this by addressing the white supremacist context and anti-Black policies that resulted. In addition, this work attends directly to community agitation and protest against racist school policies. The book begins with post-Civil War schooling of Black children to the important Liddell case that declared unconstitutional the St. Louis Public Schools. The judicial wrangling in the Liddell case, its aftermath, and community reaction against it awaits a next book by the authors of Anti-blackness and public schools.

Foreword. Introduction. CHAPTER 1: Education of African Americans Amid Anti-Black Political and Social Governance. CHAPTER 2: African American Educational Activism in St. Louis, 1865-1927. CHAPTER 3: A Harsher Jim Crow Grows: Racial Politics and Containment, 1916-1954. CHAPTER 4: District Responds to Brown With Prompt but Paltry Action, 1954-1964. CHAPTER 5: Deep District Duplicity Over Brown, 1954-1964. CHAPTER 6: The Road to Full Disengagement From Brown Compliance, 1960s. A: Intact Busing Routes. B: Mapping and Pictorial Presentation of the Branch School Buildings Constructed in the 1950s in the St. Louis Public Schools District. C: New Schools Constructed With Funds From the 1962 Bond Issue. About the Authors.